How to Make Custom Music Ringtones For iPhone in iTunes

When trying to get ringtones for your Apple iPhone, you have a few different options. You could purchase ringtones from within iTunes, or you can create ringtones from your existing music library using these steps.

Note: These steps will only work for music purchased from the iTunes Store. You can check if an item was purchased by right-clicking the top sort bar and checking the Kind option. Items will show as “Purchased” or “Protected” if they were purchased via iTunes.

1. From within iTunes, go to your music library, right-click/ctrl-click the song you wish to use for a ringtone, then select Get Info.

iTunes get info on song

2. Under the Options tab, check the Start Time and Stop Time boxes, then set the song up to play at a 30 seconds or less interval. In this example, I’ve started the song “Comeback Kid” at the beginning (0:00) and stopped it at 30 seconds (0:30). Click OK when finished.

Set song to 30 second interval

3. Right-click the song and select Create AAC Version.

iTunes Create AAC Version option

4. A new 30 second version of the song is created in iTunes. Drag and drop this file to your desktop.

Drag song from iTunes to Desktop

5. Right-click the file on your desktop and rename it with a .m4r extension.

Change song extention

6. Delete the 30 second version of the song we created in step 3 within iTunes.

Delete 30 seconds song from iTunes

7. Double-click the music file on your desktop. It will start playing in iTunes and should be automatically added under the Tones section.

Ringtone added to iTunes

8. Connect your iPhone to the computer, then sync your new ringtone over to your iPhone.

Drag new ringtone to iPhone

9. After syncing your device, the song is now available to select as an iPhone ringtone under Settings > Sounds > Ringtone.

Music ringtone in iPhone settings

Be sure to right-click the song we originally used and set the interval back to normal under the Options tab.

These steps work for iTunes for Windows, Linux, and OS X on your computer and all versions of iOS for your iPhone.

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