iTunes: How to Check Which Songs Are DRM Protected

If you are trying to use a device like a BlackBerry or Droid with your iTunes music, there exists a challenge with compatibility. Some of the songs may be protected with DRM and cannot be played on any device other than an iPod or iPhone unless you remove the DRM out of the file. For those of us that can’t afford to do that or aren’t savvy enough to do it illegally, you might just want to simply learn which music files are protected and which aren’t. Here’s how you can tell.

1. Open iTunes.

2. Click View > View Options.

3. Check the Kind box and click OK.

iTunes - Enable Kind column

4. Now you should now have a column named View. Each song will have something in this field. If it shows as Protected AAC audio file, the file is protected with DRM and most likely, can’t be played on devices not made by Apple. If it shows as MPEG audio file, Purchased AAC Audio File or pretty much anything else, the file is not protected with DRM and can be played freely on any device that supports the format.

iTunes file kind

It’s worth noting, that I can drag and drop the unprotected files directly from iTunes onto the SD Card drive of my Motorola Droid. It’s much easier than navigating to the iTunes folder on the hard drive and dragging them from there.


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