iTunes: How to Make Music Ringtones For iPhone

When trying to get ringtones for your Apple iPhone, you have a few different options. You could purchase ringtones from within iTunes, or you can create ringtones from your existing music library using these steps.

Note: These steps will only work for music purchased from the iTunes Store. You can check if an item was purchased by going to View > View Options… checking the Kind column. Items will show as “Purchased” or “Protected” if they were purchased via iTunes.

1. From within iTunes, right-click the song you wish to use for a ringtone, then select Get Info.

iTunes get info on song

2. Under the Options tab, check the Start Time and Stop Time boxes, then set the song up to play at a 30 seconds or less interval. In this example, I’ve started the song “Comeback Kid” at the beginning (0:00) and stopped it at 30 seconds (0:30). Click OK when finished.

Set song to 30 second interval

3. Right-click the song and select Create AAC Version.

iTunes Create AAC Version option

4. A new 30 second version of the song is created in iTunes. Drag and drop this file to your desktop.

Drag song from iTunes to Desktop

5. Right-click the file on your desktop and rename it with a .m4r extension.

Change song extention

6. Delete the 30 second version of the song we created in step 3 within iTunes.

Delete 30 seconds song from iTunes

7. Double-click the music file on your desktop. It will start playing in iTunes and should be automatically added under the Tones section.

Ringtone added to iTunes

8. Connect your iPhone to the computer, then drag your new ringtone over to.

Drag new ringtone to iPhone

9. After syncing your device, the song is now available to select as an iPhone ringtone under Settings > Sounds > Ringtone.

Music ringtone in iPhone settings

Be sure to right-click the song we originally used and set the interval back to normal under the Options tab.


  1. Donnie Pritt says

    I am trying to download a custom made ring tone and after it synches nothing can be found any suggestions???

  2. amber brooks says

    hello i have the iphone and i’m trying to get ringtones on it. i have the lastest version of Itunes and there is no option for Ringtones in the view options menu. what can I do now. I have alot of songs that in my music.

  3. Lucy says

    I bought ringtones from the itunes store but can’t move them to the ringtones column in itunes, can’t sync them with my iphone.

  4. Joe says

    iTunes ringtones cost money even if you already own the song. If is better to use a free ringtone maker like phonezu or and then sync it up with your phone.

  5. James Maloney says

    I have recently downloaded a ringtone but there is no bell in the column at the end. I have the latest version of iTunes (updated last night) but there is no bell. Can you help please!?

  6. ben says

    Hey I got the new version of itunes and there is no create new ringtone when i rightclick on the song please help.

  7. Katie says

    I downloaded the song, created the ringtone, and then i synced my iphone, but how do u set the ringtone for my phone?

  8. Lyn Tolmie says

    I am tring to transfer ringtones via i tunes but I keep getting a little pop up saying error 11556 has occured. Could you tell me what this is and how to fix it please.

  9. elle says

    hey, ive got heaps of songs and theres one that i want for my ringtone that i bought from itunes and it says as soon as i click create ringtone “itunes could not connect to the itunes store. An unknown error occured. (11556) plz help! Thanks

  10. Kurtis says

    hey! i’ve bought the song and everytime i try pressing “create ringtone” i get the error (11556) pop up.. what do i do??

  11. Denise says

    I have the same problem as everyone else. I see the bell column, but there are no “bells” on any of my songs. What do I need to do next?

  12. sara says

    i have the itunes 9 and i really want to use a song as a ringtone but i don’t have the option for ringtone. Can you please help me

  13. robert says

    Ok so i have lots of purchased songs, and i have a bell column but no bells. what do I do?? or how do I find out in advance if there will be a bell?? please help me

  14. adam says

    i really want a ringtone but after checking the box there was no little bell sign in the column please help

  15. sarah says

    hey, i have like 300 songs and it says none of them are available. is something wrong or is that just normal?

  16. AvP says

    I bought the song I wanted everything works until I click create ringtone and it Pops up Unknown error and wont load the screen to create my own? wtf

  17. Hannah Johnson says

    None of my songs in my library have bells next to them? Why? And how can i get songs that allow me to have them as ringtones on my iphone?

    Please help!

  18. Jane says

    I really want to make ringtones but all the songs ive purchased dont have a bell next to them. do you know why?

  19. judd says

    yeah oi i’ve got over 1000 songs..most ya from my c.ds and i have bought a few on itunes, b ut yet none of them have a bell next to them..?? any help?

  20. Emma Mason says

    I really want to make a ringtone but none of the songs will have a bell next to them so none of them will work for me:( Please help!

  21. karly says

    i synced the rintone to my ipod and it finished but then it came up you are not authorized to play this song on this computer or somthing like tht Helppppp i alredy paid and everything

  22. jenn says

    hey i cant see a bell next to my songs..? but there is the bell column thing but no bells
    and when i try to “create ringtone”, it says an unknown error occurred:S

  23. scott says

    Hey, I really want to make a ringtone but none of the songs will have a bell next to them so none of them will work for me:( Please help!

  24. Hannah says

    I really want ringtones on my iphone but on my itunes there is no ringtone icon so how do I get the ringtone icon HELP ME!

  25. Olivia says

    Hey, I really want to make a ringtone but none of the songs will have a bell next to them so none of them will work for me:( Please help!

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