iTunes: App Screen and Options to Sync Apps Are Grayed Out

We came across a problem with our Apple iPhone where we couldn’t sync apps to it via iTunes. Everything under Apps was grayed out. The “Automatically sync new apps” option was grayed and so were the apps that we purchased.

Grayed out Apps screen in iTunes

This problem is usually caused by a restriction setting on the device you are syncing with. You may have enabled this setting to prevent your kids from making purchases while you weren’t looking.

To fix this problem, disable the restriction with these steps.

  1. From the iPhone, iPod or iPad, select “Settings“.
  2. Select “General“.
  3. Tap “Restrictions“.
  4. Enter the password that was set on the device. If you don’t know it, ask anybody who has handled the device to see if they set a password.
  5. Slide the “Installing Apps” setting to “On“.


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