iTunes: Album Songs Split Up In Grid View

On one of my Mac’s, I had a problem with iTunes 8 where the songs from one album showed as split up as though they were on different albums in Grid View. Here is a screen shot (source).

iTunes Album Art Split

To fix this problem, perform the following steps:

1. Highlight all of the tracks on the album.

2. Right-click on one of them and select Get Info.

3. Type a space at the end of the Album Artist. Click OK when done.

4. Right-click on the tracks again and go back to Get Info.

5. Take the space out at the end and click OK.

This totally works! It somehow resets iTunes into knowing all of the tracks are on the same album.


  1. RoyD says

    When importing a CD into itunes there are three icons on the top right of the screen; clicking ‘CD info’ brings up a tab with a tick box ‘compilation cd’; it seems ticking this this will keep all the tracks pn the same album and artwork in itunes too

  2. Hallur Örn Guðjónsson says

    Thank you! I tried all other solutions none worked, but this works like a charm!

  3. dubiousraves says

    Hi. Just wanted to say that your solution worked for fixing the album in iTunes. But when I copied the fixed album to my ipod, the original problem occurred: the album was split up on the ipod. Any idea how to fix THIS problem?


  4. steve says

    Seriously, you made my day. I was having this issue and was looking all over the internet to find a way to fix it, because in the song info they were already all the same! This fixed it like a charm! Thanks a million! :)

  5. tenchi2 says

    I have had a few albums that no matter what I did, they would remain split apart in Itunes. This nifty tip finally solved my problem. Thanks !!!

  6. barry says

    i could kiss you i have been adding a heap of music and some times just adding them to compilation works other times it doesnt!

  7. physiofish says

    Not such a good fix for, say, “350 Songs for Christmas” where there is (about) 70 artists. At the moment iTunes 10 shows them as (about)70 different albums. Anyone got a fix to this conundrum?

  8. billy says

    I tried what was said above – nothing happened. However had a look at the name of the album and found that there was an extra space at the end of the album name – removed that and everythng was fine.

  9. Craig says

    OK. I got the other album to merge back together into one. It was lacking a name in the Album Artist field so I filled that in and then they merged into one album.

  10. desmodus says

    Yeah, I cannot grasp that Apple does not address this issue. It happens to me when I import many different CD’s into iTunes. Somehow that messes it all up. If I where to import CD’s one at a time, all is well.

    I have worked for days, digitizing all my CD’s into AAC. Found the cover-art and all. But when I wanted to copy all the files to my jukebox computer it messed up all my music…. And no, I do not want to copy 500+ albums one at a time ;)

  11. Craig says

    I can’t get this to work. I must be missing something. How do you select ALL the songs from the same album when they are split between two albums in iTunes?

  12. desmodus says

    Nice, but no cigar.. Tried everything on iTunes 9.2

    Mega FAIL from Apple. My tracks now have, same name, artist, album artist, album, year, genre, part of compilation etc.

    The only thing they differ in is the order they where added in iTunes (this seems to cause the problem).

  13. james says

    gaw, this is so annoying, I wish apple would just fix this.
    But steps 4 and 5 returned it back to normal like some people reported, maybe its because of itunes 9.2 ?

  14. Shaun says

    Fantastic! This was bugging me for ages. Well done for finding the cure and many many thanks for posting.

  15. Louise says

    Didn’t work for me. I’ve tried every fix I can find online and nothing is working. The album was normal before but for some reason today it split it into lots of albums. Very weird… and irritating.

  16. Seth says

    If you just check the box beside album artist and hit OK that solves it. No need to put a space.

  17. Drew says

    That totally didn’t work for me, after some search i figured out if you go into your view button at the top of itunes, there should be a grid view option. Just change it to what you want :D

  18. za says

    this info needs to be posted all over the internet. Many ridiculous solutions circulating that are a waste of time.

    This one works!!!


  19. Jacob says

    1. Select all the songs that belong in the same album
    2. Right Click -> Get info
    3. Click settings(last tab for those who use another language) Check “Part of a Collection”
    4. PROFIT!

  20. Mark says

    Nice one this has been taxing me for awhile how to fix it, worked perfectly, your a star!!

  21. Timo says

    Sorry, but for me that isn’t working. I bought that Problem-Album in the iTunes store. All others work fine but I have two that just don’t want to join.
    Sry for perhaps bad language -> I’m german.

  22. John says

    Instead of leaving the field with a blank put in the name of the Artist. What I have found is it splits when the Album lists multiple or different artists for different tracks. So list the Artist you want to find the album by.

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