iPod Touch: Pair and Connect With Bluetooth Device

The Apple iPod Touch has the ability to pair with a Bluetooth headset or other Bluetooth device. Having the ability to pair a Bluetooth device and be hands free comes in handy when using certain audio based apps or if you’re using a Wi-Fi phone app to make and receive phone calls. Follow these steps to learn how.

1. From the Home screen, open the Settings app.

iPod Touch Settings icon

2. Select General.

iPod Touch General settings button

3. Ensure that Bluetooth is set to On. The iPod Touch will automatically search for discoverable devices and list them.

4. Turn the Bluetooth device on and set it to discoverable.

5. Tap the device when it shows up on the iTouch screen.

iPod Touch Bluetooth screen

6. Enter the PIN to the device and tap Pair. Usually it is set to 0000 or 1234. If you can’t get it to accept a PIN, look in the documentation that came with the device to find out what it is.

iPod Touch enter pairing passcode screen

7. The iPod Touch should then successfully connect and pair with the Bluetooth device.

When it comes time to unpair the device, you can simply select it under the same Settings > General > Bluetooth screen and select Forget this Device.

If you’re having trouble getting these steps to work and the Bluetooth device is not connecting, it may be because you are using a device that is not supported for Bluetooth connection with the iPod Touch.

If you are sure that your device is supported and it still won’t connect, be sure that the device is in range and has enough power to make a connection. It’s also very common that it may require a reset. This is usually accomplished by using a paper clip in to push a button in a tiny hole on the device, or pressing and holding the a combination of buttons on the device for a specified period of time. Check the documentation that was provided with the device for more information on how to reset it. Then it should connect to the iTouch just fine.



  1. Beverley Brown says

    Further to comment above the feed back on the ipod is it is not supported by your devicae

  2. Beverley Brown says

    I have a toshiba satellite laptop with bluetooh enabled to other producats successfully.
    When I try to connect the ipod touch gen 5 it says connected then comes back and says it is not and is disconnected supported by the device.Can you tell me what I need to fix this issue. It is a new computer and a new ipod.

  3. Joe says

    Can anyone tell me WHY my piece of %^$# iPod Touch WILL NOT connect via Bluetooth with my laptop?

    I’ve followed the instructions above and still nothing. My 2 BlackBerry devices have NO PROBLEM connecting.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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