iPod Touch: How to Delete Songs

A lot of people look for a way to delete songs from the iPod Touch on the actual device, but unfortunately everything must be done from iTunes. By default, iTunes automatically syncs your music collection to your iPod Touch, so any songs you delete from your library will automatically be deleted the next time you do a sync.

If you would rather manage your songs manually instead of syncing your entire library, you’ll need to set iTunes to manual mode first.

1. Connect your iPod Touch to your computer.

2. Open iTunes.

3. Select your iPod under Devices on the left menu in iTunes.

iTunes Devices

4. Click the Summary tab and select Manually Manage Music & Video and click Apply.

iTunes manually manage setting

Now you’re setup to manage your songs manually. Click the triangle next to your iPod under Devices on the left menu in iTunes and click on Music to see what music is currently on your device. From here you can right-click and Delete any song you no longer want.

iTunes Delete selection on music tracks

You can also add new music by going to your library and dragging songs and dropping them to your iPod under Devices in the left menu.


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