iPod Touch: Error “Unable to Join Network Failure (error -3)”

You get an error, Unable to Join Network Failure (error -3) when you try to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

1. Ensure that the Security setting for your iPod Touch matches the setting on the wireless router you’re connecting to. (WEP password, WEP hex or ASCII, WPA, or WPA2)

2. The wireless router may not always broadcast the SSID. In this case, you must learn what the SSID is, and enter it manually under Settings > Wi-Fi > Other . By default, many Linksys routers have a SSID of linksys.

3. Other security settings on the router can lock you out such as MAC address filtering. Research whether or not there are these types of restrictions on the wireless router.

4. If all else fails, you may need to reset your network settings on the iPod Touch. Clearing things out and starting over sometimes can work wonders. Open Settings > General > Reset and select Reset Network Settings.

iPod Touch Reset Network Settings button


  1. @Monicaahh says

    My iPod Say “Unable to join network” & I put in the right password ! I Have WPA2 …

  2. Denise says

    This is for a Linksys Router…
    I was pulling my hair out trying to get mine to reconnected until I “stumbled” upon this….I went to SetUp/Wireless/Wireless Mac Filter/Edit Mac Filter list( this was accessed by first typing in in my browser) and added the Wi-Fi address of my Ipod touch there. Viola .. success!
    This address can be found by going to settings/general/about.
    Somehow by getting our PS3 hooked up , it kicked my Ipod off. Hope this helps :)

  3. Chris says

    try going to settings>general>reset>reset network settings. if this does not work go to your settings on your router. I hope this works for you.

  4. Amanda says

    i go to the internet setting screen then click on forget this network, then re join seeom to work for me – HTH

  5. Joe - SVL says

    When the iPod Touch asks for your Password enter the Network Key from your Wireless access point. / Wireless / Wireless Security

  6. Jess says

    Hey, i am having the same problem as kate.

    I never once had an issue getting on the interent, but a couple days ago its not prompting me for an password (which has never happened), and then it informs me that I am “unable to join network” . I can’t seem to find any information.
    Can anyone help?

  7. kate says

    my internet connection always connected by itself before and i never had a problem with it and not that long ago it stopped working and i dont know why.. i got to connect it and it asks for a password.. which it never did before.. but i put it in and hit join and it says ” unable to join the network ” (my network) ” and then there is a dismiss button under it..
    it never did this before so it pisses me off and i searched everything and it still doesnt work.

  8. Jonathan Pettit says

    As above. Two iPads would not connect with Netgear router, had to add device MAC address to “Wireless Card Access List”, though Access Control On is not checked.

  9. judy says

    got the same problem like everyone here. It was working fine until 1 day. I cant connect to any wifi even it’s insecure or secure.

  10. Paulzville says

    My 1st Generation Touch won’t read WiFi connections anymore unless it virtually touches(ironically)my Linksys router. It used to find even my neighbor’s WiFi, but not anymore. It was all of a sudden, too. I have Restored, Renewed, even replaced the battery. My wife’s 1st generation Touch works fine. The only difference is hers is Version 3.1.2, and mine is 3.1.3. I can’t seem to get through to My Apple(possibly the times). Do I need to replace something or everything?
    I will shovel your sidewalk for a year if you help me out.

  11. naraloca says

    hello guys…


    I hope this helps, I had to do that with my laptops and the 2 iphones!

    Good luck!!

  12. Logan says

    Hello I am also having this “Unable to join the network” error on my iPod Touch. I have had my iPod Touch for a year or two now. I have had no problems connecting to wifi at hotels, the mall, etc. but just a few days ago we bought a wireless router for our house and now I am getting this error. After reading the above posts this seems to be a serious problem and Apple really needs to turn their attention towards fixing this error.

  13. Shiloh says

    Help i try to connect to my schools wifi which doesnt require a password and it has all the info except for the router number but i cant put it in i need to know why i can put in the other things except the router

  14. help says

    I am trying to connect to the WIFI at work. its WAP2 Enterprise. I end my user name and password on my 1phone and it says im connected. But no data vie browser nor email data being retrieved. Answers any one?

  15. jack says

    I really wanted to help you are the wifi here so listen

    reset the router and then try to connect wont loose any important data


  16. touchfan says

    My home network worked for me like a charm for over a month, then all of a sudden I had no signal and failed attempts to join my home network.

    I followed the steps suggested by Wendi (point#29) and it worked for me !! Thanks !!!

  17. Wendi says

    I tried a lot of the suggestions here… this is what worked for me:
    I went to Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings, and clicked on RESET NETWORK CONNECTION.
    I powered off the router AND my iTouch for 5 minutes. Turned on the router first, then the iTouch.
    Went into the wireless settings, chose my network off the list, put in my password when asked, and me and my iTouch lived happily ever after.

  18. Frida says


    I went to Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings, and clicked on RESET NETWORK CONNECTION.
    Then i turned WIFI OFF.
    Then i turned off my router for 5 minutes, turned it back on, waited until all the lights were on, then went to the WIFI section and turned the WIFI back ON.
    I chose my network from the list and was FINALLY ABLE to type in the WEP key on the back of my router. (may be password for some.)
    and IT WORKED!!!

  19. Richard says

    I had a similar problem after 2 weeks of purchasing my new iPod touch. My solution was to “Reset My Router”. (Netgear Router)
    - Shut my computer down.
    - Unplugged the Power cord & Cable to Router, let rest for a couple of minutes.
    - Plugged the Power cord and Cable back to router, waited for 30 seconds then turned my computer back on and let it boot up.
    - Then I went into the iPod touch and Reset the “Network Settings” (Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings)(make sure your iPod is connected to your computer)

    And it re-connected for me.

  20. Mike Dagnall says

    Had the same problem tonight unable to connect to network which had never happened before. I reset the itouch and my router with no improvement. It was then it occurred to me that I had just installed a tv transponder/receiver earlier in the day and I wondered if this was interfering with my wireless network. I have turned the tv transponder/receiver off and the itouch is working like a dream again. A simple explanation – hope it helps

  21. Zac says

    i had the same problem as most of you have/had in that my network name comes up but i am unable to join it.

    If you are using a linksys router this will work for you and i dont know about other uses. type in your ip adress into your web browser.. for example.

    your router advance settings should appear as well as a box asking for user name and password. the default for linksys routers is username ” admin ” and password “admin”

    now click on the wireless tab. then the wireless Mac filter. If liksys has been blocking your ipod from conecting your mac adress will come up here. iether delete it from the block list or select “permit”

  22. ROB says

    I have both n and g networks setup at home. The g still uses WEP 128bit security and the n is using WPA Personal (not WPA2). I do not broadcast my SSID’s off either router (one is a 54g and the other is a 160n from Linksys). Finally I block all MAC addresses unless they match ones I have entered into the MAC filter).
    To get my iPod to work on the g network (because I had the same problem when I first tried to connect) I did this.
    1) Turned on the broadcast of SSID
    2) disabled security (ie removed WEP)
    3) disabled mac filter
    The wireless network now showed up but would not connect
    I turned off the itouch wireless and then back on
    it connected. I did a FORGET on the iTouch… and then reconnected again (this last step was important and without it the wireless would drop in a minute and not reconnect for some reason)
    I recorded the MAC now showing up in my DHCP table for the ipod and updated my mac filter
    I put MAC filtering back on, made sure it would connect again.
    I put WEP back on and typed in my 26 character HEX passphase (not the human readable I used to generate it but the AE35D4…. code).
    I will now try basically the same with my wireless n which is using a better encryption.
    key was

  23. Robert Aydelotte says

    Glad to hear this worked out for some of you. I might also suggest that steph makes a good point to try and renew the lease first if you run into the same problems if it was working and then stopped working. Other than that if your able to add you iPhone and iTouch MAC address to your home routers list of acceptable mac addresses then go for it. Good luck all.

  24. Aiken says

    to Robert Aydelotte
    cheers so much, the mac address was what was being blocked,
    cheers for this

  25. Steph says

    I just went to Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings. After it reset I entered in my SSID, my security type (WPA2) and my security key. It now works like a charm.

  26. BĂ©atrice Karjalainen says

    I have the same problem. I have tried to reset the network settings, use a ACL in the router and added the MAC-address for the iTouch there. I have tried to use my network unsecured. I have tried the forget this network and typed in the WPA-key again. My router broadcasts it’s SSID and even if I hold the iTouch 5 cm from the router antenna the signal strenght is 1.

    It’s like the wireless reception in the iTouch is broken.

  27. PLAfulKatt says

    Here is what I did with my Linksys. I went into my security settings and retrieved my Encryption code.
    On my iTouch I selected “forget this network”. Then clicked on my network (Makes sure it is actually your network) and entered the encryption code (EXACTLY the same a it looks) as my password for my network(and not the password I had setup on my router’s network). At first it said I was connected, but I had no bars and couldn’t connect. SO I tried again and this time I went into the info (IP, Subnet mask, DNS ETC) and changed it to static and *~POOF~* Wi-Fi connected.

    Hope this helps!

  28. Robert Aydelotte says

    OK ive been having the same problem as all of you. Theres a way i fixed this that may not work for all of you but a little playing here and there may fix this. If you go to your iPhone or iTouch Settings>General>About, scroll down to your wi-fi address… Write this down!

    Open up any program that navigates all your router/hub information. In WHATEVER brand of router or hub or combo you have there will be a section where you MIGHT need to add this Wifi address, also known as a MAC Address.

    Example: I am running the Netgear Combo DSL/Router DGN2000 model. If I have properly run the install for the router/hub, which i have, I can click on my icon to Login into my router. I scroll down to “Wireless Settings” and i click on “Wireless Station Access List.” A new page opens up where i can add my iPhone’s MAC address (Wi-Fi Address). Once i click apply, my wifi no longer said “Unable to Join Network ‘n’”

    Hopefully some of you should relate my procedure to your own. Hope this works out for you guys and gals. Any questions, email me at azureknight6294@yahoo.com.

  29. Hank says

    I bought a iPhone 16G in November, ran nicely for a couple of months and then 3 weeks ago I started getting the “unable to connect” wifi error. I tried everything then took it to the Apple Concierge guys in Vancouver – THEY REPLACED IT SAYING IT WAS FAULTY HARDWARE.

    So I got a brand new one – which was great service — but now, 2 weeks later, I have the same friggin’ wifi problem… “unable to connect” and my wifi is unusable anywhere. Looks like I’m going to have to take another trip to the Apple store and get this one replaced.

    Is anyone from Apple noticing this? Maybe they’re keeping in quiet as they don’t want a mass recall. Anyway, it’s quite disappointing.

    Good luck everyone!


  30. Pete Tian says

    iPod Touch 2nd Generation: the root cause of wifi connection failure.

    My iTouch with latest firmware version failed to connect to my home wireless network. After checking the logs in the wireless router, I found its 802.1x daemon always rejects iTouch’s attempt. Error message:
    15:32:45 wlan0: A STA is rejected by 802.1x daemon – xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
    – where xx:xx:xx:xx:xx is the MAC address of my iTouch.

    So the solution is to disable 802.1x daemon in the router.

    802.1x is turned on or off in different combinations of authentication/encryption/pre-shared-key settings. My router does not support WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK, therefore 802.1x daemon is always activated when encryption type is set to WPA/WPA2. Hence I downgrade the setting to Shared/WEP/manual-key, which disables 802.1x. After applying the change, iTouch connected without a single failure.

    I did not crack iTouch’s WIFI authentication system. It seems to me that the “greatest” firmware of iTouch 2nd gen does not code well to support 802.1x authentication. It could be a bug of Apple.

    If anybody had hardness in iTouch WIFI connection, the Apple tech support guy always suggests to try your luck by turning your iTouch or router on and off. That’s mojo, not computer science. :-) I’d suggest: check your wireless router manual, find the right combination to disable the 802.1x authentication daemon. That’s the once for all solution to end the pain.

  31. Dino says

    I did what capodastra did and reset my network connection and it worked.Thanks alot very simple solution to an annoying problem.

  32. Capodastra says

    Had a similar problem with my touch so went to SETTING > GENERAL > RESET > RESET NETWORK SETTINGS and all was well – hope this helps.

    C BD)

  33. yewed says

    I’m getting strong wifi signals in downtown SF and it still fails to connect to safari and youtube, pretty much the whole reason I bought the ipod touch was for those two apps. what a huge disappointment.

  34. Becky says

    Same problem here. Wi-fi worked fine for 8 months. I went to Europe two months ago, and everything worked fine. When I came back, I was unable to connect to my (or any other) network. The ipod recognizes the network, but can’t connect to it. When I hit the blue arrow, nothing shows up. Help!!!

  35. holly says

    hey.. my ipod no matter wat wifi i use
    even if it requires no password it either says unable/failed to join network or server unable to connect or something
    is it possible that someone can block ones ability to use wifi on an ipod? otherwise
    i dont get why it wont work
    it worked for ages and ages and it just stopped suddenly, so did my brothers

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