iPod Touch: Delete All Data

Whether you are getting ready to sell your iPod Touch or you just want to start over, there is an easy way to wipe all of the data off of the iPod Touch.

1. From the main screen, tap Settings.

2. Tap General.

3. Tap Reset.

4. Tap Erase Content and Settings.

iPod Touch erase all content

5. Select Erase iPod to confirm your selection and delete all date from the iPod Touch.


  1. brrr says

    What should i do if i cannot open it again? I did it and i pressed the too buttons together and held it for some time.
    There was a flash and the apple logo appeared. It hasnt opened for about half an hour.

  2. Alyssa says

    does this reset the apple id too? cuz i want to put a new apple id not just get rid of everything.

  3. Liz says

    I restored my old ipod to give to a friend. When she started she synced to itunes and it brought up a very old version for her and she can’t do anything on there, it keeps saying she needs a newer version and she has updated the software. When I had it it did not look like that. It was great. She tried updating the itunes software and it says that it is but it does not look like it did when I had it. So she unistalled the itunes software and reinstalled it and as soon as she plugged in the ipod it brought back all her stuff. Why did it bring in such an old version and how can we get it back up and running propperly? It was a great ipod and now after the restore it sucks. HELP.

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