iPod Nano: Quickly Fast Forward or Rewind Using the Wheel

I recently discovered a cool trick with the iPod Nano. I usually fast forward by pressing and holding the forward button. I can also rewind using the back button. However if I’m listening to a long audio book or podcast, this can take forever. Luckily there is a feature that allows users to get where they need to be in the audio file quicker.

While playing a track, simply press and hold the Center button until the bar appears. You can then use the wheel to move back and forth throughout the track.


  1. Charles Kerr says

    On iPod Nano 5th generation: just tap the center button (if you hold it too long, you get something about an “on-the-go” thingummy). You get a time bar. If you tap/press the symbols at 3- or 9-o’clock,
    it moves through the podcast in ten- or twenty-second jumps until you have almost gotten to where you need to restart, then it pops to the end of the podcast… Bummer.

  2. Willow says

    Thanks! I have a couple of books on which I’d given up because they had so few “breaks” that I could never find my place. This will make all the difference.

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