iPhone/iPod Touch: Camera Icon is Missing

Is your camera icon missing from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPod Touch? This seems to have happened to many users. Here’s a list of things to check.


  1. Open Settings.
  2. Select General.
  3. Select Restrictions.
  4. Make sure the Camera isn’t restricted.

Another Home screen?

Swipe back and forth between Home screens to make sure the icon is not on a different one. Some users may forget that you have multiple Home screens.

In a folder?

Check every app folder to see if the Camera icon is hiding there.

Still haven’t found it? Well, these next suggestions may be a bit extreme, but if you really need the Camera app, you may want to go ahead and try them in the following order.


  1. enoch says

    now am relieved.. After going to the restriction area and turning on the camera, i can now use my camera. was about to pay some huge amount to these so called phone repairers who take advantage of issues like this.Thanx a lot for the advice.

  2. Vinci says

    I lost my folders with downloading apps, can someone tell me how it works for you guys. I see my missing apps at the find page. It may sound stupid but I tried what the comment sat which works for everyone but me. But can someone tell me how exactly to do it. Please.

  3. Ben says

    Go to your home screen. Go to last page. Put finger on top of page slide right to left as if opening another page. You will find your lost apps. Hold finger on each lost app for a few secs then move to a convenient page on home screen.Voila!

  4. Banelibelly says

    Hey! This is very helpful, thankyou so much! I was so worried! Lol! Found mine on the 3rd hscreen too. Thankyou thankyou!

  5. Suz says

    Thank you so much. I have found my camera it was on a 3rd home screen I had not created anything there. Your instructions was super helpf. I’m v happy. God bless you :)

  6. Elaine says

    OMG!!! If you were here i’d give u a kiss!! I lost the camera function since i updated to ois6! Was getting quite desperate and you helped by just the simple instruction!! Thank you soooo much!

  7. dana says

    Thanks so much. I had restrictions on. Two seconds on here helped me solve the problem after finding nothing helpful on the official support site. Thanks again.

  8. Sonia says

    I had restrictions enabled! Now my camera icon is back again!
    Thank you so much for your instructions! You’re great!

  9. Susan says

    This page on restoring the IPhone camera icon is GREAT! The instructions were correct and easy to follow. I finally found mine as the sole icon on a 3rd home screen which I didn’t know I had.

    Thanks so much!

  10. Gerhard says

    Thanks for the info. Had restrictions enabled.
    That did the trick by disabling restrictions!

  11. chandra says

    Thanks much…! It helped like a charm. I was a bit worried that my camera went missing :)

  12. Vanessa says

    Thanks you for your advice. My camera came back when I reset the home screen to original settings, I was afraid that new apps would be deleted but no they are all there – I just have to re-organise them back into folders. :-)

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