iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode

Sometimes the iPhone gets stuck and thinks it has regular earphones or ear buds attached even though you don’t. When this happens, a headphones icon will appear on the screen and you won’t hear any sound from the external speaker. Here are a few things to try to fix this issue.

Ensure the unit is unlocked while performing these steps.

– If you have a regular iPod headset, try attaching those to your iPhone and unplugging them several times.

– Plug and unplug your iPhone headset several times.

– A foreign object may be trapped in the connection. Try blowing into it or try canned air.

– Some users in the comments section have reported success by sucking on the headphone jack or using a hair dryer.

Read the comments section below for more suggestions.


  1. Jordan says

    Dont worry , calm down i know how your feeling trust me . I was feeling the same way . Listen to these steps they have to work . Get a cutip rip off some of the cotton and leave a bit on the stick , roll it with your thumb and index finger in a circle . Put it in the earphone whole and twist it and pull it out . If you see any debrees keep going u til u get a clean cutip but do not use the same cutip it worked perfectly for me . You try . If that doesnt work try sucking on it .. DRY YOUR MOUTH FIRST . or put a hairdryer ontop of it not to hot it might make a bit of moisture . THATS ALL

  2. Carole says

    Mine was a moisture problem. Left the phone outside last night and there was slight moisture this morning. Recd a call okay but when I put the phone to my ear a little drop of moisture must have gone down the headphone hole. Hairdryer solved the problem.

  3. Kaylin Colon says

    I’ve tried everything. To blowing out, getting a Q-tip and even plugging the head phone in and out but nothing worked. Then I kept searching how to fix this problem and I saw a comment that said to put your I phone upside down and suck in. That worked for me the very first time but only for 1 minute then I got very upset but I tried one more time for 5-8 minutes and it worked like a charm. If you are going through the same problem but this didn’t work try to get tweezers that can fit into your headphone socket and get all the lint or dirt or anything that must have slipped into the socket. If you had moisture then blow out or in and it should work. Hope this helped and good luck.

  4. boombie says

    i just took a really long pair of tweezers and got a flashlight.. a whole bunch of lint and dirt came out. i thought the phone was a gone

  5. Ellie says

    For hours I tried doing the suck the headphone socket,hair dryer,toothpick.. I did everything. I thought to my self ‘I’ve lost this phone’.. Then I thought.. I must try one last time. I turnt my phone UPSIDE down and sucked.. And then all of a sudden someone rang me.. And I could hear the ringtone.. It worked! DON’T GIVE UP! KEEP TRYING, IT WILL WORK EVENTUALLY

  6. Josh says

    I did a combination of 4 things and it worked. I used the flat side of a toothpick and dug out a bunch of lint (I keep this phone in my pocket, guessing that is where it came from). Next I used a hair dryer on it then sucked on it upside down. I did each of these twice and it worked. This website saved me a lot of $$$, thanks.

  7. William says

    Turn the phone upside down and suck on the jack. It worked for me after the qtip, plugging headphones in and out and blow dryer failed. Good luck.

  8. Jonny Jones says

    Thanks so much. I stuck a straightened-out paper clip in, and boom a piece of lint/dirt came out. I thought it was a goner for sure.

  9. AB says

    IPhone 4S. Hair dryer didn’t work. Blowing on it (and reverse) didn’t work. Pulled headphone jacks in and out a million times – didn’t work. Nothing in settings worked. QTip didn’t work (actually while doing it I thought it could make it worse by adding more lint). Tried blunt side of a toothpick right down to bottom (not sides) and out came a big piece of dirt / lint that must have been jammed in there and would not budge otherwise. Sound back to normal and not stuck on headphones anymore. Now I have calmed down! Thanks everyone!

  10. Hans says

    I tried all the solutions, including moving headphone plug in and out a number of times, blowing dry air, q-tip with alcohol, sucking, hairdryer, but no result. The last thing I tried what to stick a safety pin in the earphone connection and move it around a couple of times on the bottom and … `voila!.. the pin came out with some greasy dirt on in. Right away, everything worked again.

    I think that the problem can be caused by moisture and dirt or both. I would first try with the hairdryer, unless you are sure the phone has not been in contact with any moisture. The next step would be to use the safety pin or a paperclip and thouroughly clean out the bottom.

  11. kc says

    I didn’t notice my phone gone a tiny bit of juice on the tip from when my cat spilt it everywhere. I tried a q-tip, the hairdryer, sucking/blowing, the q-tip again, then as I was idly scrolling through these comments while sucking at it again, it just started working.

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