iPhone: Make a Conference Call

The Apple iPhone allows you to create a conference call with the ability to talk with up to five different callers. Want to know how? Just perform the steps in this tutorial.

1. Make your first call.

2. Tap Add Call and call another line. The first call is put on hold while you are doing this. If you want, you can talk on the second line privately before merging the calls.

3. Tap Merge Calls to bring the current line into the conference with the other caller(s).

Perform steps 2 and 3 to add more calls to the conference.

If you have an incoming call that you would like to merge into the conference, tap Hold Call + Answer, then tap Merge Calls.

If you’re not able to use this functionality, it may need to be enabled by your wireless provider. Give them a call and have them enable it for you.

Source: iPhone Users Guide


  1. Mannan says

    1-call u carries ..hey will helpe u and also lot of phone plan does not have merage call…call fine out..or if u have than rest network settings ok it will work good luck

  2. chris says

    on an iphone 4, does the first call need to be an out going call or can a conference be set up if the first call in an incoming call?

  3. Brian says

    This happened to me today. I called AT&T and my 3-way calling feature had been “deactivated.” They reactivated it. From the comments above, I presume now it will work.

  4. john says

    am i allowed to contact AT&T even if im not using it because im from Philippines and i used Globe subscriber

  5. Joy Argow says

    I am also unable to merg phone calls too. Can someone suggest what to do? The merge button goes blank and can’t be used.

  6. labrat says

    I can confirm that contacting AT&T was the solution to the problem referenced above (merging calls just switches between the two calls, alternating who is on hold).
    Although I have the “3-way calling” feature with AT&T, it was apparently not activated. I contacted them, they activated “3-way calling” and asked me to turn my iPhone4 off and then back on. My iPhone4 conference calls now work as described in the Apple tutorials for conference calling.

  7. Scott brown says

    Have iPhone on tmobile but cannot conference call whe
    n I merge calls one person stays on hold tmobile or apple can’t sort it out please someone help !!!

  8. J Pertuset says

    I had the same experience w/ conference calling not working. I called AT&T 1.800.331.0500. They refreshed the 3-way calling setting and it now works.

  9. Alan says

    The capability (feature) has to provisioned in the switch, or HLR. When one isn’t able to perform those functions, something’s usually awry in the switch. (AT&T’s) side. Although I left AT&T prior to the iPhone being released, the rules, technology, and theory remain the same. I went to conference a call while my father was in Beijing for the Olympics, with my sister, and another party. I discovered from a supervisor researching my request that the old $5.99 bolt-on feature was no longer necessary to initiate, that Apple’s agreement with AT&T enabled it. Just remember, minutes are being used on each line, along with international rates.

  10. J says

    same problem i have been experiencing i dont know how to handle this i cannot make conference on my iphone 3gs

  11. Rex says

    It’s a configuration issue according to AT&T. Just (AT&T) give customer service a call and they can correct this issue. Perhaps this only happens to current customers that migrate to an iPhone where 3-way calling is not active. In any event, Roy the customer service rep switched the feature on and had me test the feature. It worked as it should per the steps above with no problem. It’s not an iPhone hardware or software issue… it’s an AT&T configuration issue.

  12. vijender yadav says

    I am unable to do call conferencing. After adding the new call, the merge function is not working. One call is going into hold mode. Please help

  13. Lee says

    Good for casual calls if you can make it work. But for more important phone conference calls, it’s best (IMHO) to get a conference service and have everyone call into the same number.

  14. Parag says

    I have problam with conference call with Iphone of apple.
    I got problam when i go for add new call, first call is going on hold that is correct but when i tried to merge second call with first call which is on hold then it not become possible to do conferance and it shows any one call still on hold.

    if somebody want to help me in this issue of IPhone Pls. reply me on my email Id i.e parikh.parag@yahoo.com

    -Parag Parikh

  15. tok says

    I also had a problem with making a conference call with my iPhone as it would simply switch between the two numbers, with one of the numbers on hold. The Apple store genius bar folks could not solve the problem. I went to the ATT store. They confirmed the problem exists, and then by modifying something in my account they got the conference feature to work. Therefore I recommend to speak to ATT about this problem.

  16. srinivas says

    I am unable to do call conferencing. After adding the new call, the merge function is not working. One call is going into hold mode. Please help

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