iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch ‘White Apple Logo Screen of Death’ Fix

Are you getting the White Apple Logo Screen of Death on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? Many people who jailbreaked or hacked their devices to enable open source software to run on them. When upgrading to firmware version though, many have found their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch will not boot past the White Apple logo screen. Other users may have done nothing and also find that their device is stuck in limb and won’t boot. Unfortunately, the only thing you can usually do to remedy this problem is to reset the device and perform a full system restore. Follow these steps to restore your iPod Touch or iPhone and hopefully get it working again.

1. Connect the device to your computer using the 30-pin to USB cable.

2. Press and hold Sleep/Wake and Home until the device resets.

3. When the Apple logo appears release Sleep/Wake. Continue to hold the Home button until you see the prompt to connect the device to iTunes appear on the screen. The screen will have a USB connector pointing to an iTunes logo.

iPod Touch Connect to iTunes screen

4. Open iTunes if it doesn’t start automatically. A message should appear that says iTunes has detected a device in recovery mode. Click OK on this dialog box.

iTunes recovery mode box

5. Click the Restore button on the Summary screen. When prompted, click Restore and Update. This will restore the device to factory default settings.

iTunes Restore and Update prompt

6. Follow the menus to complete the restore. It usually takes about 10 minutes for the process to complete. Be sure to leave the device connected to the computer with iTunes open. Do not interrupt the recovery process or your device may end up ‘bricked’.

Once the restore process is complete, see if your device works now. If not, you may want to try to manually flash the device with a firmware file.

Restore using an IPSW firmware file

1. Download the proper firmware file for your device. Note: The following firmware files are iOS version 5 and are the latest as of October 13, 2011.

2. Connect the device to your computer and open iTunes.

3. Select the device on the left pane, then click the Summary tab.

4. Windows users should hold down the Shift key and click the Update button. Mac users can hold down the Option key and click Update.

5. You will be prompted to select the file you downloaded in step one. Browse to it and select Open.

iTunes select IPSW firmware file

6. A dialog box will appear. Click Restore.

7. iTunes will complete the restore process, and hopefully boot your iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone past the white ‘Apple logo screen of death’. If successful, you will be prompted to set the device up as a new iPod or restore from a backup.


  1. Chelsea says

    This is still not working for me. My screen is flashing then giving me the death logo. What can I do?

  2. Ionut says

    Well, this boot loop ony my 3g was caused by low battery, phone went to a black screen, i did a hard shutdown with home+power button, than i powered one and was in this stage witht the apple logo (but no spinning wheel at all) than goes to a white screen for 1 sec and than restarts. Tried already with restore and dfu with redsn0w with normal and custom ipsw 4.2.1 and can’t make him work, last night he turned on (found it like so) and i saw the battery very empty, when plugged to pc, iphone was freezed and after that i did another try to wake him up, no more turn on, just a icon with a red battery and 2% and a Plug in to charge message, left him all night at charge, now remains on the logo… (it’s a neverlock and never jailbreaked until now because i tried that too). Any advice ? except that i should throw it on my window.

  3. Briana says

    Thank you for the help! this helped out a lot, I almost gave up on the steps because it just wasn’t working but I read on another site to try plugging my usb be into another port, which worked, so I came back here :)

  4. michelle says

    can u guys plz help me….my new ipad just started shutting down and re-booting itself…….i get the apple logo and then desktop and when i touch it it goes blank then teh apple logo again…..i do have 3 yr plan squaretrade plan but can u plz help me

  5. Deric A. says

    You guys are great! Thanks so much. The hard reset never worked, but your method worked like a charm, Thanks again!!!

  6. Ashley Knowles says

    What if you had a passcode to get into the Ipod before the screen of death came about? My Ipods not jailbroken or anything.. this screen just one day appeared..Will it still work if Itunes says about the passcode needing to be entered into the Ipod before Itunes can start up? Obviously I can’t put the passcode into my Ipod if it wont work! :( Pleasee help!

  7. Dartanian says

    I have/had a Iphone 4s that first erased important app like setting so i was alarmed thinking ‘maybe i should reset it’ what a dumn idea. Now im stuck in the S.A.D loop…it installed the drivers but will not connect with itunes i keep saying “the update server cant be contacted it doesnt give me a choice to restore. I need help i-World…

  8. Ayanna says

    Thank you SOOOO Much! I was about to CRY When my ipod wouldnt come on. I DO NOT recommend Jailbreak because it caused so many problem for me! it took up too much of my time, not that i had anything better to do but still! lol :3

  9. kkr says

    Hi, is there a way to fix the frozen logo problem if you’ve a broken home button? Itunes can’t recognize the ipod when connected. The ipod restarts and gets stuck on apple logo every time I restart/recharge it.

  10. olivia says

    Hey, my phone has been unblocked and this has happened to mine, however the man at the shop told me not to update or restore otherwise the block will go back to only one network..please help?

  11. janelanejen says

    Super Awesome, it worked for me. I had some difficulty with the button sequence and first. Press and hold both, but don’t let go of home. I was having a issue with stupid facebook app, so I went to go see if there was an update and as soon as I tried, nothing. Went to safari, nothing. I have 3g of course, and another different mobile hotspot- but nothing would load. So I thought, maybe reset? Then I got this wonderful dumb apple screen, well anyways this fixed it!

  12. kathy says

    Hi my iphone is stuck in recovery i think it has the apple logo flasing only when plugged into my computer, but when i unplug it nothing happens its like its dead, i have tried all suggestions above and beyond to no avail about to throw it, CAN ANYONE HELP PLEASE.

  13. riley says

    My itouch wont even restore it just keeps on the apple logo that goes to dark then super dark then off (repeat).

  14. Victoria says

    Thanks so much!! I’ve seen about 15-20 different “solutions” to fix this and this one finally worked!!!

  15. BigBUFFORD says

    I’ve done everything i can and it still doesnt work. if it doesnt by tomorrow i am taken it out back and shootin at it with my deer rifle itll be a $250 target

  16. greg says

    It worked!! After about 14 tries, here is what I did.

    I pressed sleep and home and when it got the the black screen I released both.

    I plugged the ipod into the USB cable and then held the home button. After 14 tries I finally got the itunes arrow and usb graphic and itunes detected it from there out.

    Keep trying guys it will eventually work!!

  17. rydazzle says

    Worked after 10+ tries. I switched USB ports on the PC and ran diagnostics from iTunes (said no iPod detected), but the subsequent hold of both buttons worked. Have no idea if it’s related but thats the sequence that finally worked. I also let go of the sleep button quickly after the screen went blank (while still holding the home) vs. holding until I saw the apple logo appear again or “in the middle” of rebooting. Who knows what finally made it detect…keep trying like all the others say…good luck.

  18. collin says

    hero much you just saved my pod from becomeing my next paintball target gratzi mille

  19. yuwy says

    ok guys just plug it into the computer then do the Press and hold Sleep/Wake and Home until the iPhone resets.

  20. Kathy says

    It worked!!!! Had to wait a few minutes, and I plugged it in and it worked. My son is so happy.

  21. Kim says

    I had to do this, too and it took about 10 tries before it finally would connect to iTunes and begin the restore process. I had thought it was hopeless and had collapsed into a sobbing puddle on the floor when I decided to try it one last time, so don’t give up. Keep trying and it will work!

  22. KFM says

    You DON’T necessarily have to do this. This happens to me.. not frequently, but more than I’d like to admit. ( FYI it’s jailbroken, 500+ apps on it, etc. [I blame PandoraBox ;-)] )

    But if you wait it out, keep turning it on and off, and plug it in and take it out, eventually it will start itself. Sometimes it takes a day or two.

    I’m just glad I got this thing with a rewards program, and didn’t pay for it.

  23. sam rojas says

    Sweet save – thought it was gonna be a $250 paperweight. thanks. My kid was ready to take a paintball gun to his after I’ve tried everything to get it to reboot. I’ve been searching for about a week on the “apple screen of death” and this is the first site to have a working solution. Thanks dude.

  24. Pat says

    I tried so many times that I almost give up! This is how I got it work: I press the sleep button and the home button at the same time then when it got blank I release the sleep button and keep pressing the home right away connect it to my I Tunes! and Boom! it came back to live! good to you!!! it takes 25 minutes to download.

  25. Abe says

    I have this same problem, and this works, but it keeps happening, about 3-4 times a day, sometimes more, sometimes less. how can i get it so this problem doesn’t come up again?

  26. Doctor P says

    I has this same problem. I reset my ipod, plugged it in, and in the time I read a few posts it seemed to have worked through the apple screen all by itself in about 3-4 mins.

  27. Andreas Garsov says

    It does work. At first I let go of both buttons after the power cuts off, and then press home, that didn’t work. You have to only let go of the sleep/power button, and wait while holding home. If that doesn’t work, then there are problems with the hardware.

  28. fantim says

    This doesnt work. Nice try though. I’ve done every kind of restore, even the DFU system restore. Nothing.

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