iPhone or iPad Stuck with No Sound

Sometimes the Apple iPhone or iPad gets stuck and thinks it has regular earphones or ear buds connected to the device. When this happens, you won’t hear any sound from the external speaker. Older versions of the device may display a headphones icon on the top bar.

Fortunately there are many ways you can attempt to fix this problem yourself. Here are a few things to try.

Ensure that your sound problem is not caused by the volume being muted either by the volume buttons or the silencer switch. You may want to try a few suggestions from Apple’s site regarding no sound or distorted sound before trying these steps.

Headphone Jack is Dirty

Lint or other debris may be trapped in the headphone connector. Use a flashlight to check. If you find something may be lodged in the headphone jack, here are some things you can try to clear it out:

  • Use a toothpick to try to gently pick any lint, fuzz, or paper from the device.
  • Some users have reported success by sucking on the headphone jack with their mouth or using a vacuum cleaner hose on it.
  • Use a small cotton swab to clean out the jack. Be careful not to allow any cotton to break off and remain lodged in the jack. Some users have chosen to dampen the cotton swab with distilled water or alcohol for better results cleaning.

Headphone Jack Has Moisture Stuck Inside

  • Try gently blowing on the jack with a hair dryer. Ensure your mouth is dry if you attempt this.
  • Let the device sit in a warm area like a sunny windowsill.

Headphone Jack is Jammed

  • Sometimes the jack is simply jammed or stuck. Try attaching earphones to your device and try plugging and unplugging them several times.
  • Try gently tapping on the device.

Hopefully the advice above has cleared your problem with no sound on the iPhone or iPad. If you have tried everything above and haven’t yielded any results, it may be time to take your Apple device to a professional. Sometimes the retail store where you purchased the device can assist  you, or you may need to send the device in to Apple for repair.


  1. Tamika banks says

    I swear I love you for this I dropped water on my iPad in water and I sucked for 5 minutes and BAMM!,, it works thank you sooooooo much

  2. Tracey N says

    Spilt a glass of water near my ipad. Thought it was ok until the next morning I realised a droplet of water must have got into the headphone jack-stuck in headphone mode. I tried sucking twice and then it worked. Thanks so much for the advice :-)

  3. Alise Reynolds says

    I had the same problem, but not because the iPad was dropped in water. I went to Settings… General… Reset All Settings. That fixed the problem for me.

  4. Alley says

    Sceptical but I sucked air through head phones port and did it again harder, it made a noise and bam I had sound again! I had spilt a drink of water in my hand Bag phone cover had a little water on it but sound was showing head phones I can’t believe it worked!

  5. Mary says

    I dropped my phone in the bathtub. Everything worked ok expect for it was stuck in “headphone” mode and I couldn’t hear anything on the phone. I found this site (after trying to clean the headphone jack, keeping the phone in rice and anything else I could think of) and used the advice of “sucking” on the headphone jack. Worked like a charm!! Thanks!!!!

  6. Aliah says

    It works use vacum cleaner my daughter dropped her mini iPad in the water .at first it didn’t have sound after just few minutes vacum it when she turn it on again.

  7. Vlynx says

    Very slight water exposure… stuck in headphone mode. Tried pushing phones in and out several times, Q-tip, blowing, sucking. What fixed it?

    Fixed by sucking it out with the vacuum cleaner!

  8. Steph says

    My iPad volume stops working & doesn’t show anything about headphones. In fact it doesn’t work even when I plug my headphones in. I have not dropped my iPad, though. Maybe there’s another solution for those of us who haven’t dropped out gadgets?

  9. Hayden says

    My I pad randomly says I have head phones in when I don’t have any thing in it I tryed the tooth pic and blowing it what earls would I do

  10. Elizabeth Mixon says

    Not working my little brother Jessaih accidentally dropped it in the toilet while watching a video what do I do

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