iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch: Sync Bookmarks From Firefox

Unfortunately, iTunes doesn’t provide a way to sync Firefox bookmarks to the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. There is a workaround though. To import Bookmarks from Firefox, you first will have to import them into Safari, then sync them into your Apple device.


1. Download and install Safari on your PC.

2. Open Firefox.

3. Hold down CTRL + Shift and press B to bring up all bookmarks, or select Firefox > Bookmarks > Show All Bookmarks.

4. Select Import and Backup > Export HTML…

Firefox Export to HTML

5. Give the bookmark file a name and click Save. Here we saved it as bookmarks.html on the Desktop.

Naming and saving Firefox bookmark file

6. Open Safari on the PC.

7. Click File > Import Bookmarks… If you don’t have this menu, you may have to click the gear and select Show Menu Bar.

Safari import menu

8. Select the bookmark file you saved in steps 3 and 4.

Pick bookmark file

9. The bookmarks are imported into Safari to a folder marked with today’s date. You may want to organize them differently by dragging them to a different folder, because how they are organized in Safari on your PC is how they will be organized once they are synced to the iPod Touch.

10. Connect your iPod Touch to your computer and open iTunes.

11. Click the device in the left pane.

iTunes Devices

12. Click Info toward the upper-right of the screen.

iTunes Info tab

13. Scroll down to the Other section and check the Sync bookmarks with box and choose Safari in the dropdown menu.

Sync bookmarks with safari option in iTunes

14. Click Switch if prompted to confirm your selection.

15. Click Apply at the bottom-right corner and sync your iPod Touch.

The bookmarks will now be transferred to the device and available to use in Safari for iPod Touch.



1. Open Safari and select File > Import Bookmarks…

2. Find your bookmark file under your Home folder, then Library > Application Support > Firefox > Profiles > user folder.

3. Double-click the file called bookmarks.html.

4. Connect your iPhone and select it on the left pane in iTunes.

5. Click on the Info button.

6. In the Web Browser section, turn on Sync Safari bookmarks and click Apply.


  1. Chris says

    Tried this twice, no go. Left PC and iPad alone for hour and a half, came back to a message on PC, device (iPad) could not be synch’d, timed out. How do you stop it timing out so that it gets on with it?

  2. Zack says

    Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks > Import & Backup > Export HTML

    If Firefox 3 didn’t export to HTML then why would that option (the only option I see) be there?

    It works fine.

  3. Trace says

    The only problem is that Firefox bookmarks are no longer stored in bookmark.html in Firefox 3 …. trying to figure out how to import form Firefox 3 as bookmarks are now stored in sqlite (sic?) …

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