iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch: Find MAC Address

Question: Where can I find the MAC Address for my Apple iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad?

1. Open the Settings app.

iPod Touch Settings icon

2. Select General.

iOS General Settings option

3. Choose About.

iOS About selection

4. Scroll down and Wi-Fi Address will become visible and be displayed in a format like “A1:2B:3C:4D:5:E:6F “. That is the MAC Address. You’ll notice the Bluetooth address is the same value.



  1. Eduardo Munoz says

    You are great, I just change the language from Spanish to English and the MAC address was showed up.

    God bles you

  2. bodazz says

    geoff, change to the default font and you will be able to see it. Funny they have never tested on another font isn’t ?

  3. geoff says

    >I found the Wi-Fi Address but I can not see the whole address. I see like 14:4d:45:32:… How I can see the whole Wi-Fi Address?
    Hello, I have the same problem as cyberhack. I tried changing the language but it still did not resolve my problem. any suggestions?

  4. Lauryn says

    Thanks…it’s hard to believe I spent hours on the net to include the Itouch manual and couldn’t find this. Thanks again.

  5. Rick says

    Thanks! This is perfect. Googled the question and got your answer. Much better than Apple’s own documentation.

  6. ipod newbie says

    Thanks so much! Dad’s obsessed about the security of our router(he has turned macadress filtering on) but with your greatly appreciated help, I’m going ro be able to connect to it w/o problems!!! yay! :)

  7. Mike says

    This was exactly what I was looking for. This should have been more clearly explained in the online IPOD user manual. Apple should pay you to write their manuals.

  8. Rick says

    Works like a charm. Added iPod Touch to MAC Address filter list of router; added network name and WEP password and started surfing the ‘Net in no time!!!

  9. kayjay says

    cheers mate… live in a house with a few people.. and i brought a wireless router… then other people started buying laptops just to use my wireless router.. so now im puttin the mac adress in for everything i own… ipod touc…ps3…and my laptop… and just alowing them mac address’s to access my router.. but i couldnt find my mac adress for my ipod… and googles it… and this page came up thanks mate..

  10. Ed says

    Thanks, I should have turned to the Web earlier….would have saved me a lot of time.
    It’s about time apple starts to provide the indispensable user manual with their expensive gadgets, instead of flyers in which they state the obvious marketing blabla

  11. enrique says

    cyberhack, I also found the mac address for ipod touch but was not complete, in my case this was because the ipod had a different language than english. to solve it I just changed temporarily the language to english (settings, international, language) and that was it. the mac address shows itself complete.

  12. Unsick says

    THX!! I LOVE YOU, I had problems with the remote app, It worked out now when i added my ipod to the white list of my router
    I LOVE YOU!!!

  13. cycberhack says

    I found the Wi-Fi Address but I can not see the whole address. I see like 14:4d:45:32:… How I can see the whole Wi-Fi Address?

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