How to Enable or Disable Shuffle Mode on iPhone or iPad

For some people, the setting to enable or disable Shuffle mode on the Apple iPhone or iPad is one of the harder settings to find. I know some people who have owned their device for months and still don’t know how to shuffle the music. Some may even tell you that the setting doesn’t even exist on the device. The setting does exist though. Just follow these steps.

1. While a song is playing, navigate to the Now Playing screen within the Music app.

2. In iOS 7 and higher, select the Shuffle option at the lower-right corner of the screen. Tap it, and it will switch to “Shuffle All” when you’re in Shuffle mode.

iPhone 5 Shuffle option

Users of iOS 6 and lower will need to tap the album cover to see the Shuffle button. Tap the crossing arrows to enable or disable Shuffle. If the arrows are blue in color, Shuffle is enabled and songs in the current playlist will each be played once in random order. You can tap the arrows again to disable it.

iTouch Shuffle option on a song

You’ll also have an icon on the middle of the screen that will activate the Genius features on the device. To the left is the repeat icon. Tap it to repeat the current playlist. Tap it again and a number 1 will appear next to it and the device will repeat the current song. You can also drag the ball on the song timeline to skip forward or backward on the current track. This feature comes in handy if you’re listening to an audio book or a long compilation.

Another spot where you can access the Shuffle option is at the top of any playlist or when viewing artists. These buttons can be used to shuffle playlists, artists, or albums.

iPhone Shuffle Album

You can also use Siri to shuffle songs. Simply press and hold the Home button to bring up Siri, then say “Shuffle” followed by the item you would like to shuffle.

Example: “Shuffle AWOLNATION”

iPhone Siri Shuffle

There’s one more Shuffle related setting you may want to know about called “Shake to Shuffle”. This setting will shuffle your music if you shake the device while a song is playing. Some users don’t learn about this feature and only discover it when they are walking or jogging and find that their music is being automatically shuffled. You can access this setting by going to Settings > Music and changing Shake to Shuffle to On or Off.

I think we’ve covered all about enabling or disabling Shuffle on your iPhone or iPad. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.


  1. Lou says

    Thank you I can finaly listen to my study CDs without having to manually tap on next segment (was keeping a PAPER list of tracks to ensure they played in rights sequence). There is another great Apple idea (hide it so users get frustrated) Lou

  2. David says

    This un-asked for track shuffling happened as a result of the latest Apple update. I cannot begin to tell how frustrating this is. Recommended fixes do not work. Hey Apple, I am so sick of this type of “update”. I cannot believe there is no Apple fix for this obvious bug. Another “bug” with each update.

  3. Annoyed says

    Just found a workaround to my issue. If rotation is locked, the annoying tilt shuffle doesn’t happen, “Now Playing” remains as it should.

    In IOS 7, from the home screen, swipe from the bottom upwards, and select the lock icon with the circle around it.

  4. L L says

    Is there a way to totally turn off shuffle on iPhone4. When listening to an audiobook via earbuds, I can stop the play by pressing the button on my earbuds. Then to restart play I press again. Sometimes it then shuffles everything up, which really screws me up when I’m listening to a book!!!! I’d like to totally eliminate it!!

  5. Neal says

    I’d like o remove “shuffle” completely. It is the most annoying Apple Corp., “feature” I have ever encountered. In iOS if one asks Siri to “play album by…” it always shuffles the album and there seems to be no way of stopping this aggravating behaviour. Some album arrangement (probably all if you’re not into Pop) just shouldn’t be messed with. One doesn’t get to tear pages from novels and rearrange them before reading, nor does one cut up a Rembrandt and assemble the bits randomly. Why did someone at Apple think “Shuffling” an album would be a neat or cool feature and not create the option for the end user to turn it off entirely? Despotic, or what?

  6. Paul Simpson says

    When I say touch the album it’s at the bottom left as the album is playing a little pic of the album hope I’ve made this as clear as I know how to put it but good luck it is quite easy when you know how ( but it’s knowing how lol )

  7. Paul Simpson says

    Click on the album in left hand corner as it plays there’s two icons there one repeats your album the other shuffles the songs when you find it you think oh so easy but it’s taken me over an hour lol good luck one of the icons if you touch it twice you will get the number 1 pop up this means to repeat the song so you will know it’s the other one that turns of your shuffle !

  8. Joni says

    The repeat all and shuffle all features are not working since I updated my iPhone 5S to iOS 8.1. I can see them and tap them, but they don’t stay selected and the songs continue to play in alphabetical order. I’ve been Googling like mad looking for a solution but everyone seems to have different issues.

  9. Peque says

    My iPod touch doesn’t show me the bar while playing a song where I can see the shuffle button, help please….

  10. colette says

    I don’t listen to music but to audio
    books through my Overdrive App. I can’t click on the shuffle button while the music is playing as I don’ have any music on there. It makes me wonder how shuffle could have been accidently engaged in the first place.

  11. Mona says

    trying to read books on apple ipod touch, but it keeps shuffling the chapters! how do I stop it from doing that? Thank you in anticipation.

  12. loveit says

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! You have saved my workouts… and thus my bod lol! You are a God among men, sir!!!!! :-)

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