iPhone: How to Use Headset Commands

You can use the mic button on your Apple iPhone headset to perform commands like putting calls on hold and skipping songs while listening to music. Here’s a list on how to do it.

Answer an incoming call:
Click once.

End the current call:
Click once.

Decline an incoming call:
Press and hold for two seconds, then release. Two beeps confirm you declined the call after you release the button.

Switch to an incoming or on-hold call:
Click once. Click again to switch back to the first call.

Switch to an incoming or on-hold call and end current call:
Press and hold for about two seconds, then let go. Two beeps confirm call has been ended after you release the button.

Pause a song or video:
Click the mic button once. Click again to resume playback.

Skip to next song:
Click twice quickly.

Source: iPhone User Guide



Can I use third-party buttoned headphones that are not Apple brand to issue commands to my device?

Yes. The 1 and 3 button headsets should be compatible with the iPhone.


  1. Robert Uhrik says

    1./ click once and hold after second click = rewind song forward
    2./ click twice and hold after third click = rewind song backward

  2. Nick says

    Three short clicks starts the song from the start, three clicks again skips to previous song. Kinda nice I think!

  3. John Faughnan says

    With Voice Memos.app running click once to start recording, click again to stop and save.

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