iPhone: Enable Photos to Sync with Adobe Photoshop Album

How to enable your iPhone to sync your pictures with Adobe Photoshop Album.

1. Open iTunes and connect the iPhone to the computer.

2. Select the iPhone on the left pane.

3. Click the Info tab at the top of the screen.

4. Under the Photos section, change the option for Sync contacts from to Photoshop Album 2.0 or later.

5. Click Apply and you’re done.


  1. bosco says

    hi im using an apple i phone 2g trird all ur formats to sync my phoyos from my pc but was not able to do so plz suggest what should i do

  2. Wietse says

    iPhone: Enable Photos to Sync with Adobe Photoshop Album
    This works great. Only when I removed a collection from adobe album iphone was not able to sync anymore

  3. dissapointed says

    Like post #1, I am unable to sync my PC pics to the iphone 3gs. This is unacceptable for the supposed leader in smart phones. If this issue is not resolved favorably without buying expensive software, then android here I come.

  4. Nick Armstrong says

    I have iTunes and adobe Photoshop Elements 6. When I go to the “Info” tab there is no Photos section. When I go to the “Photos” tab it does let me select my Adobe folder in “My Pictures” but that folder is empty after i do a sync.

    On my iPhone I can not get my “Camera Roll” pictures to sync to my computer. What do i do?

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