iPhone & iPad: Enable or Disable Zoom

Magnify the Apple iPhone or iPad screen with the Zoom feature. It’s a great Accessibility feature for the vision impaired, or if you’re simply displaying something that is difficult to see at normal magnification

To enable or disable zoom, follow these steps:

  1. Open “Settings” from the Home screen.
  2. Choose “General“.
  3. Select “Accessibility“.
  4. Select “Zoom” and switch it to “On” or “Off“.

iPhone Zoom feature


You can also enable and change other settings as desired.

  • Follow Focus
  • Zoom Keyboard
  • Show Controller
  • Zoom Region
  • Maximum Zoom Level


How do you use the Zoom feature once this is enabled?

Double-tap on the screen with three fingers to enter zoom mode. You can double tap with three fingers while keeping your fingers on the screen after the second tap to control zooming by moving your fingers up and down the screen.

Double-tap with three fingers again to exit zoom mode.


  1. Keith Wilson says


    Thanks for the instructions for turning off the zoom feature through iTunes. Just read and just did it… it worked. I had persistent problems with zoom activating in my pocket and then having a hard time getting back to regular screen. You just fixed the only problem I have with my iPhone!

    Thanks again

  2. Mike says

    There is a bug in iOS 8 that prevents some people from being able to turn off the zoom feature from within the phone settings. You can still turn the zoom off, but must do so through iTunes. Plug the phone into the computer and start iTunes. Select the device in iTunes. From the device summary page, select “Configure Accessibility”. Under “Seeing” choose “Neither”.

  3. Patrick says

    You must connect your phone to your computer and go to iTunes. Go to “Options” Accessibility and make sure that voice over and zoom are deactivated by choosing “neither of these”

  4. Arch Bold says

    Sadly, Google News prevents zoom on iOS and has it disabled for years. Doesn’t permit accessing its real web page either. Google cripples it, so now I look at other newssites.

  5. Sudip Lamsal says

    this is not working.. I unintensionally activated the zoom feature once. But sonce then, it just doesnt get turned off. When i try to turn it off, it again within seconds gets turned on again. Any solutions??

  6. Mary says

    I am visually impaired and have been using the Zoom feature on my iPhone and iPad for more than 2 years, so I’m familiar with it and use the zoom feature constantly. My iPhone is fine. Upgraded to iOS 8 and later to 8.0.2 and everything is fine. However, when I upgraded from iOS 7 directly to 8.0.2, the Zoom feature seems to a mind of its own.

    Today I did a Restore, but I’m still having the same problem

    Any ideas? It’s not easy to deal with these changes when you can’t see well and not a lot of people use the Zoom feature to see if they also have the problem

    Thanks in advance.

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