iPhone 4: Unable to Connect to Internet

If you’re unable to connect to the Internet or a wireless network connection using your iPhone 4, here are some steps to try to fix the issue.

These steps assume that all networking equipment is configured correctly and the problem is with the iPhone 4.

1. Select Settings.

2. Tap General.

3. Tap Reset.

4. Tap Reset Network Settings.

You can check to see if you’re making a connection to the wireless network under Settings > General > About > Wi-Fi Address. A Wi-Fi address should be displayed if you are connected successfully.

If this didn’t work, try the following:

1. Select Settings.

2. Tap General.

3. Tap Reset.

4. Select Erase All Content and Settings.

Check to see if you are making a connection now. If not, you may want to restore your iPhone 4.


  1. shashi says

    I have changed my service provider and now I am not able to connect to internet. It gives me an error saying that ‘you are not subscribed to mobile data service’ How can I do that? Could anybody help me?

  2. Elizabeth says

    My iPhone 4 doesn’t want to connect to wifi anymore and I tried the first step and it didn’t work but the second option would mean all my pictures and stuff would get erased wouldn’t it?

  3. millicent says

    Pls I just got a new iphone 4s,I’v been tryin to use it to browse but it kept on sayin dat my iphone is not connected to internet service.I’v reset it but its still sayin d same thing.pls can anybody give m a clue on how to connect to internet.and the itune too is sayin cannot connect,I dnt knw wat to do.am not use to the phone pls

  4. Marilyn says

    Your tip helped to reconnect settings for the Iphone4 thanks! now I just need to synch the calendar with my macbook pro.

  5. Lizzie says

    After I was given a new iphone 4S after washing mine, even though I backed up everything from icloud etc, I couldn’t connect to the internet when away from home. Thnx to your help and to save doing a whole new reset, I did

    Reset Network Settings

    and this resolved it straight away.
    Thnx for your fab advice! :)

  6. Godwin Agrosah says

    When i was about to restore the system on the phone 4s it requested for password which i don’t know can you help me please

  7. Kym says

    Thanks so much, have been using wi-fi for so long as couldn’t access internet wouldn’t connect, and no one else could tell me how to fix the issue, so so happy have now got internet on the go.

  8. Chris says

    it doesnt work on mine it says cannot connecy cause you are not subscribed to a cellular network

  9. Lewis says

    Thanks for the help in geting my iphone4 to connect to the internet. Nothing worked till i visted your site.

  10. Smith says

    I have connected my iphone to ITUNES as a new phone – internet working fine

    I have then restored the back up onto the iphone – Internet does not work

    I have tried this process so many ways – i just do not no what to do from here. I just need my contacts thats it, and still when i do it so that only my contacts are backed up.

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