iPhone 3G: No Ringer Sound On Incoming Calls

If you can’t hear the ringer when there is an incoming call to your iPhone 3G, you may have overlooked whether or not the ring/silent switch is set to silence the ringer. The ring/silent switch is above the volume switch. If you can see orange on this switch, it’s set to vibrate. Switch it to ring and you should be all good.

If this doesn’t help, you may want to consider resetting the iPhone.


  1. Courtney says

    yep if that switch is showing red on the left corner of your phone, then you won’t have sound

  2. saad says

    Many Many thanks….. I realized how dumb I can be I never figure out that there is a button yet started thinking of updating the software straight away…. thanks you rock….

  3. lupine lady says

    I have reset settings back to default per tech support 5 times now! Each time it works for a while…but when my daughter says, “Mom, I called you 5 times and you never answered!” And my phone never rang. Reset it…my husband calls and complains I don’t answer my phone. Had him call me while we were 5 feet apart…my phone never rang. What if it’s an emergency and I don’t know someone’s calling cause my phone doesn’t ring?

  4. George Horky says

    Thanks, my ring stopped working and you solved it ,my stupid mistake,I didn’t know about the orange switch above the volume increase.i must have pushed it over without realizing it .thanks again

  5. Anonymous says

    This really helped a lot!!!!! Thanks!!! I was really hopeless that I will find the solution to this problem. Thank God I found this site. =)

  6. Scoob says

    S…please excuse my ignorance but if I reset the settings on my jailbroken iphone won’t it remove the jailbreak?

  7. jOsie says

    I am such a dork. This took me forever to figure out and you had the answer! Thanks!

  8. S says

    I have ─░phone 3g with firmware 4.2.1 (jailbrooken).
    I had the same no sound problem with no solutions so far working. Then I followd this sequence exactly and ya ba da ba duuuu!!!!
    Take out your simcard
    1 Hard reset iphone press power+home buttons at the same time and let it reset.
    Let your iphone work without the simcar installed.
    2. go to settings> general> reset
    3. start resetting your phone one by one from bottom to the top items;
    >reset Location warnings
    >reset Home screen Layout
    > reset Keyboard Dictionary
    > reset Network settings
    > Attention Skip resetting !!! Erase All contents and settings
    > reset finally ” Reset all settings”
    After each reset be patient and let the apple (+your jailbreaker’s logo appear consequently)
    Finally start your ipod and try to play any song from your list if you hear the song.
    Tha’s done. ─░nsert your sim and activate…. and live happly ever after :)))

  9. Sridevi says

    I checked on the button above the ringer tone.the orange button was on.once I switched it off my phone is ringing perfectly.never realised it was as simple as that.

  10. Christine Z says

    Well my problem is not the ringer switch. I hear everything except when a call comes in. Volume is set right, it is not on mute or vibrate. Can’t figure it out. I guess a hard reset is in order. Thanks.

  11. Felon13 says

    Resetting the phone isn’t going to bring back SOUNDS, it will make you lose alot of files, or the files get messed up and go in different places, then the phone starts to mess up and then FORCE CLOSE pop’s up & you cant do nothing, ya cant download, or get into games or web, cause of one little thing someone said to do (Reset the phone) I advise people not to. Once force close starts popping up, start looking for what you download or put in new settings. Aptoide Apps is a distroyer to all your settings, aptoide makes it’s own settings, thats why Force Close pops up all times! Theres a folder in manager files, that has all settings for your phone. For instant, #1– Android you need (permission), then once read, it will tell you what to do next like (key task), press those words & on to the next. Sounds hard? Somewhat, but get a tablet & pen, gonna need to write a little. Good Luck Android Ppl

  12. Mitch says

    I would contact your wireless provider at this point Chris. They should be able to reset everything.

  13. Tony says

    Thanks a lot for this information as I was also missing lots of calls. I have a hard case so I could not see or switch the button. It is a very bad design issue and should be replaced on the next release of iphone. The software “ring or vibrate” is sufficientg to turn the ringer off. With the hard cover on you cannot feel the tiny switch, Bad design. Thanks again.

  14. Beth says

    WEll I’m glad I found this page I was going crazy trying to figure out why my Iphone 3G had no ringer. I got the phone without an instruction book…it would be nice to have a picture with the parts of the phone pointed out so we know what all the buttons are…been trying to figure it out!

  15. Daniel says

    Hahaha amazing, I was going to send my phone away as I couldn’t work out the sound problem for months, missed some important calls all because of this sneaky little switch that my case covered, champions

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