iPhone 3G: No Ringer Sound On Incoming Calls

If you can’t hear the ringer when there is an incoming call to your iPhone 3G, you may have overlooked whether or not the ring/silent switch is set to silence the ringer. The ring/silent switch is above the volume switch. If you can see orange on this switch, it’s set to vibrate. Switch it to ring and you should be all good.

If this doesn’t help, you may want to consider resetting the iPhone.


  1. Courtney says

    yep if that switch is showing red on the left corner of your phone, then you won’t have sound

  2. saad says

    Many Many thanks….. I realized how dumb I can be I never figure out that there is a button yet started thinking of updating the software straight away…. thanks you rock….

  3. lupine lady says

    I have reset settings back to default per tech support 5 times now! Each time it works for a while…but when my daughter says, “Mom, I called you 5 times and you never answered!” And my phone never rang. Reset it…my husband calls and complains I don’t answer my phone. Had him call me while we were 5 feet apart…my phone never rang. What if it’s an emergency and I don’t know someone’s calling cause my phone doesn’t ring?

  4. George Horky says

    Thanks, my ring stopped working and you solved it ,my stupid mistake,I didn’t know about the orange switch above the volume increase.i must have pushed it over without realizing it .thanks again

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