iPhone 3G: Install/Remove SIM Card

It occurred to me, that it is difficult for some people to find where the SIM card slot is on the iPhone 3G. So I figured I would make this tutorial to help out.

The iPhone 3G comes with a tool that is designed specifically to remove the SIM card.


Photo by roguelazer

You can use this tool or a paper clip to simply poke the hole on the top of the iPhone 3G. This will eject the door for the SIM Card.

Photo by <a href=

Now you can simply remove or insert the card into the tray, then shut the tray.


  1. Brandy says

    What size SIM Card does an iPhone 3G 8GB take? I am ordering an unlocked one off amazon for the first time and I’m not sure what size SIMcard i need

  2. Eric says

    Hi Karla,
    This happens to me about once per month. I just turn off the phone, restart it and enter my PIN. It is a little inconvenient, but works if there is no other fix available.
    - E

  3. karla says

    how can i fix my iphone 3G two day ago I lost my signal. SCREEN SAY NO SIM INSTALLED, what really happen, help please.

  4. Faith says

    Thanks a lot that was very helpful, I was giving up on getting the sim card out. Was very mad with my self but without your help I could not have found it, be blessed for sharing the information.

  5. Nick C says

    Do I need a special sim card to operate my iphone3G. My old phone sim card network 3 pay as you go will not work.

  6. Seibatu says

    When I used a sample sim, it recognised it, but When i inserted my own sim, it did not recognise it. What’s the solution?

  7. daniel says

    I restored my Iphone yesterday, and now the SIM card doesnt work. the Iphone has no signal at all, what do I do ? somebody help me out

  8. daniel says

    I restored my Iphone yesterday, and know the SIM card doesnt work. the Iphone has no signal, what do I do ? somebody help me out

  9. Jeni says

    What a relief! I,ve only had my phone for 2 months and I just started getting the message “No Sim”. I took it out, dusted it off and now I am good to go!!

  10. Jim says

    What if I get a message “No SIM card installed”? I took one SIM card out of a working iPhone (3g), put in a different SIM card, but now get this message. A photo or two of the right orientation for the SIM card tray would be a big help…thanks!

  11. Jim says

    Thanks for you thoughtfullness. The manual was next to useless. Like S White, I have attempted to install the sim card but can’t get iTunes to recognize it (yet).

  12. Elly says

    I lost my iphone 3g an then i found it but i lost all ,y things to go with it so can i put any sim card in it?

  13. Karis says

    Thanks! This was also a big help for me. I just go through life assuming that people like Bob don’t really have many friends…

  14. Alan says

    Thanks so much. I sat worrying myself for 10 mins thinking that they must have made a mistake!

  15. burt says

    thanks heaps, i cant believe its not in the instructions to begin with! As for no.5 – very sad.

  16. Jeff Genders says

    Thanks heaps .. Optus haven’t a clue in helping you set up an iphone ….

  17. Kinda says

    Many Many thanks, couldn’t find it anywhere in the instructions!
    Bless you. Kinda

  18. Kerry says

    Thanks so much – I would never have found it!!! Why does it not tell you in the instructions

  19. s white says

    hi i have got a iphone 3gs today, managed to get sim card slot out but how do i fix my sim card in firmly so it doesnt fall out?

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