iPhone 3G: Install/Remove SIM Card

It occurred to me, that it is difficult for some people to find where the SIM card slot is on the iPhone 3G. So I figured I would make this tutorial to help out.

The iPhone 3G comes with a tool that is designed specifically to remove the SIM card.


Photo by roguelazer

You can use this tool or a paper clip to simply poke the hole on the top of the iPhone 3G. This will eject the door for the SIM Card.

Photo by <a href=

Now you can simply remove or insert the card into the tray, then shut the tray.


  1. Brandy says

    What size SIM Card does an iPhone 3G 8GB take? I am ordering an unlocked one off amazon for the first time and I’m not sure what size SIMcard i need

  2. Eric says

    Hi Karla,
    This happens to me about once per month. I just turn off the phone, restart it and enter my PIN. It is a little inconvenient, but works if there is no other fix available.
    – E

  3. karla says

    how can i fix my iphone 3G two day ago I lost my signal. SCREEN SAY NO SIM INSTALLED, what really happen, help please.

  4. Faith says

    Thanks a lot that was very helpful, I was giving up on getting the sim card out. Was very mad with my self but without your help I could not have found it, be blessed for sharing the information.

  5. Nick C says

    Do I need a special sim card to operate my iphone3G. My old phone sim card network 3 pay as you go will not work.

  6. Seibatu says

    When I used a sample sim, it recognised it, but When i inserted my own sim, it did not recognise it. What’s the solution?

  7. daniel says

    I restored my Iphone yesterday, and now the SIM card doesnt work. the Iphone has no signal at all, what do I do ? somebody help me out

  8. daniel says

    I restored my Iphone yesterday, and know the SIM card doesnt work. the Iphone has no signal, what do I do ? somebody help me out

  9. Jeni says

    What a relief! I,ve only had my phone for 2 months and I just started getting the message “No Sim”. I took it out, dusted it off and now I am good to go!!

  10. Jim says

    What if I get a message “No SIM card installed”? I took one SIM card out of a working iPhone (3g), put in a different SIM card, but now get this message. A photo or two of the right orientation for the SIM card tray would be a big help…thanks!

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