iPad: Screen Appears Too Big or Zoomed In Too Much

There is a zoom functionality on the iPad that may confuse users sometimes. You may end up in a spot where you zoomed in way too much and the screen is way too big, making the device unusable.

This is all part of the Zoom setting under General > Accessibility > Zoom. It enables you to zoom in and out by double-tapping the screen with 3 fingers. So if your screen is stuck where it’s big, just try double-tapping with 3 fingers to get out of this mode. You can also try dragging 3 fingers down on the screen to decrease magnification.


  1. Kim says

    Thank you. My zoom got stuck and I could not figure out how to get it back. I was having thoughts of using a hammer. Good thing I looked this up instead. So appreciate this website!!!

  2. Alexander Z says

    I usually just skips the thanking part. Thanks for a great and fast solution. I guess you can get free great service done in no time ;)

  3. Tjb says

    Thank you so far so good! It was driving me crazy as my grandson loves playing his games on my Ipad..and he got sooooooooo frustrated when everything enlarged 30 times!!

  4. Mo says

    What a sanity savior you are. I was getting frustrated not knowing how my screen on my iPad became bigger and wouldn’t go back to a normal size. Thanks for being there to help out. Your appreciated let me tell you!

  5. Alissa says

    I am having this issue despite the zoom feature being off, but only for one game. Oregon Trail opens too big and I can only see about a quarter of the game screen. I have uninstalled it a few times, reinstalled, checked iPad settings, tried to zoom out, etc., but no luck… I haven’t seen any mention of this happening to others either…

  6. iPad User, Senior Citizen says

    This webpage was truly a savior! When you get into this special zoom mode, and you don’t even know how it happened, and you try to RESET the iPad, you can’t. The OKAY button (slider) is off the screen.

  7. Martin says

    Found my answer, straight and well explained, thanks a stax. You solved my zoomed screen within a few seconds.
    Nice site this, cheers, Martin

  8. Barb Watt says

    I M stuck in the large screen mode on IPD Scrabble and can’t fix. This means I can’t play online Scrabble games.

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