iPad is Dead With Black Screen – Fix

Sometimes the iPad will freeze up and appear to be dead and only show a black screen. Usually you can fix this issue by resetting the device.

Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button¬†simultaneously¬†for about 15 seconds. The iPad should then show the Apple logo and restart. If this doesn’t work, make sure you have enough battery power. Attaching the device to a computer or other USB port for power can take a bit longer to charge than attaching it to a power outlet, so be sure to give it a few minutes to charge before trying to power it on or resetting it.

These steps work most of the time. If the device still won’t power on after these steps, you may need to seek service from Apple.


  1. Emily says

    What about a black screen with the white apple on it? I tried pushing both buttons and nothing will happen.

  2. anne_ph says

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge! The amount of documents that I thought would be lost streamed in my mind.

  3. Cathy says

    Thank you so much for your help!! My Ipad 2 was working fine this morning. Charged it while we were out all afternoon. And came back to a black screen!! My heart sank until I found this posting from you. You are a lifesaver!! Thank you again!!!

  4. Patti says

    Thank you soooooo much! i was in quite a panic with my two month old IPad until I found this. It was fine yesterday and totally black this morning. So happy I found your help on this search.
    Happy New Year!!!!

  5. Lanika says

    Thanks, It worked. Ipad was displaying a grey screen after being dropped. Read some posts with similar problems. Hit my ipad on the back and it came back on. Thanks just saved me money on buying another one.

  6. Chris Evans says

    bernard baeten, you are my hero!
    My ipad had been assumed dead for ages now, until i punched it in the back and voila, screen came back to life! I guess technology can be beaten..

  7. Mickey says

    Thanks for the ipad help! My ipad fell off my dresser and was only displaying a black screen and the logo. It’s in a leather cover so, I did not freak too much, but it fell on a hardwood floor. I toggled the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons without plugging it into the computer, and it worked! Thanks!


  8. bernard baeten says

    I tried everything
    reset nope
    restore nope

    and finally , a few hard slaps on the back of the ipad…
    and whoop there it is !!
    back in business

  9. anomynous says

    my little sisters ipad 2 is not working from dropping it to many times. the home screen has gray moving lines and doesnt have the “slide to unlock” slide and its completly black with gray moving lines and will not wrok what so ever…is it broken? it plays music for some reason if u click the top but it wont work besides tht…please help.

  10. Udaiveer says

    Left my iPad in a Car (Over 40C) n now the Display IS BLANK, n STAYs BLANK, no Apple Logo, NOTHING…
    Did try to Reset, got into DFU mode etc, (I know JailBreaking n stuff fine!)
    though, I can swipe to unlock n guess open the Music app n play music, all seems/works fine,
    but the Diplay STAYS blank(faint white but no Icons) Itunes detects it n syncs.
    Does Over Heating (by external sources-like inside a car on a ver hot day) inside a leather Cover, so not directly exposed, but it was REALLY HOT TO TOUCH.
    Checked with some repair guys they said REPLACE LCD N TOUCH SCREEN (as its broken/cracked, n if Opened then wont fit back)
    So does Heating cause this kind of Damage to the LCD/Plasma DISPLAY!

  11. CharlesK says

    Thanks! Your clear indication of the problem (black screen, GMail, etc., allowing a successful search) and insightful steps to a resolution worked just great.

  12. Trisha says

    Hi! I’ve tried holding the buttons, also tried resetting it but the black screen is still there. It was working fine till I put it on sleep mode.. Started it up and it just stayed black.. Trying to restore it now

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