iPad: Delete Email Messages

Can’t figure out how to remove email messages from the list on your iPad? We’ll make it easy for you.

  • 1. On the screen, simply draw a cross across the email you wish to delete.
  • 2. Press the Delete button.

Deleting multiple messages:

Select Edit, check off the desired emails, and then tap Delete.


  1. George Ahlin says

    Emails. Keep returning. I have tried everything and took it in to the apple store. They can not figure it out. Very. Upset. What next.?

  2. Alex says

    That’s because the iPad doesn’t delete the mail of the mail server. The device basically marks the deleted mails as deleted, chechks the server, and loads them again. You can delete them from the server using a program like outlook.

  3. Bob white says

    I delete these messages using your method and the next time I sign on they’re all back. One message I click on seizes up the entire pad.

    Solution please

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