iPad: Connect ZAGG Keyboard

ZAGG makes a very popular keyboard for the Apple iPad. In order to use it, you will need to connect it via a Bluetooth connection. Here’s how.

1. Turn the keyboard on. The light will turn on briefly.

2. From the iPad, open Settings.

3. Choose General.

4. Select Bluetooth and set it to On. The iPad will search for Bluetooth devices.

5. Press the Connect button on the keyboard.

6. After a few seconds, the iPad should detect the keyboard. Select ZAGG Keyboard when it appears on the screen.

7. A code will appear on the iPad screen. Use the keyboard to type it, then press Enter.

The ZAGG Keyboard is now paired and connected to the iPad and is ready to use.


  1. Kathleen good says

    Bluetooth no longer recognizes keyboard. What’s up with that. Please advise troubleshooting

  2. Marilynn Smith says

    I have tried everything. The Zagg keyboard worked at first. Now it is not even recognized. I live a log way from stores. This is a piece of junk!,,

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