How to Pair Bluetooth Device with iPhone or iPad

How to enable and pair a Bluetooth device with your Apple iPhone or iPad.

1. Set your Bluetooth device to discoverable. On most devices, you have to press and hold a button for a few seconds. If you’re not sure how to do this, consult the user guide provided with the device.

2. From the Home¬†screen, select Settings“.

3. Select “General”.

4. Select “Bluetooth“.

5. Set Bluetooth to On.

6. The iPhone starts searching for Bluetooth devices. It should show up on the screen where you can enter the PIN code. Enter the PIN (usually “0000” or located in the manual to your device). You should then be ready to use the Bluetooth device with your iPhone or iPad.



Can I connect my iPhone and iPad together using Bluetooth?

Yes. You can if you enable Personal Hotspot. You can enable it from “SettingsPersonal Hotspot” > “On“. Visit Apple’s page about iOS: Understanding Personal Hotspot for more information.


Can I connect my iOS device to an Android device using Bluetooth?

No. Apple appears to place a restriction on this capability. The authentication will fail every time if you try.


What devices can I connect to my Apple device via Bluetooth?

Apple tends to limit communication to devices that are certified MFi devices. Check to ensure the device you are trying to pair supports connection with Apple devices and supports MFi authentication.


  1. Sharon Carter says

    I have managed to pair up my Galaxy s5 with my iPad but for some reason when I try to send photos from my phone to the iPad it says it can’t be sent.

    What am I doing wrong?

  2. MP says

    I you have to hold down the button on the devise until your Apple product finds. Just did it for wireles earphones and it worked. Have an IPad 2

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