How to Pair Bluetooth Device with iPhone or iPad

How to enable and pair a Bluetooth device with your Apple iPhone or iPad.

1. Set your Bluetooth device to discoverable. On most devices, you have to press and hold a button for a few seconds. If you’re not sure how to do this, consult the user guide provided with the device.

2. From the Home¬†screen, select Settings“.

3. Select “General”.

4. Select “Bluetooth“.

5. Set Bluetooth to On.

6. The iPhone starts searching for Bluetooth devices. It should show up on the screen where you can enter the PIN code. Enter the PIN (usually “0000” or located in the manual to your device). You should then be ready to use the Bluetooth device with your iPhone or iPad.



Can I connect my iPhone and iPad together using Bluetooth?

Yes. You can if you enable Personal Hotspot. You can enable it from “SettingsPersonal Hotspot” > “On“. Visit Apple’s page about iOS: Understanding Personal Hotspot for more information.


Can I connect my iOS device to an Android device using Bluetooth?

No. Apple appears to place a restriction on this capability. The authentication will fail every time if you try.


What devices can I connect to my Apple device via Bluetooth?

Apple tends to limit communication to devices that are certified MFi devices. Check to ensure the device you are trying to pair supports connection with Apple devices and supports MFi authentication.


  1. Barbara says

    I see questions about Bluetooth searching for devices but not connecting. My iPhone 4s is doing that. I don’t see any responses to the question. I’ve tried everything Apple suggests but nothing happens. Still searching and searching and searching

  2. nasteha says

    Hi guys my iPhone 3g can not connect to any device, I tried all ways but still cant work what should I do

  3. Yonnie says

    Thanks Kerry!
    I had to hold down the button for 6 seconds and then my blue tooth device connected great!

  4. Terence Platt says

    my iphone 3gs wont pair with my bb storm it says bb not supported how do i pair with my bb so i can transfer pics and music? i have tried everything but it keeps saying unable to pair my bb finds my iphone but iphone wont find bb! the bluetooth is turned on and when i enter pass keys it just wont pair, help please!

  5. Kelbirdie says

    Wow! I had a lot of trouble getting my bluetooth connected to my Iphone 3gs, but the posting by ZB helped! Right away it connected! Thanks!!

  6. paul says

    i have the same problem with a new iphone3 i can find it from my old phone but my new phone says its searching but nothing comes up

  7. Mira says

    I have been scouring the interwebs, and thought I was doing everything right.

    I thought I was pressing the tooth long enough (4 seconds). In actuality, KEEP HOLDING IT. It does go from flashing to a steady blue. Only when it’s steady blue will the iphone 3GS find it.

    This is not the case with my android! My Tmo G2 found it in a sec. Another reason why I prefer android over apple! :)

  8. Kerry Pietrobon says

    Hi I had this same problem, what you need to do is ensure that when you turn on the supertooth that you hold down the button for atleast 6 seconds even when it starts talking to you, then it will reset

  9. Randy says

    For the people that search for the bluetooth and can’t connect;try #6.It worked for my Iphone 3

  10. rob says

    all i have too say is whats the point of putting it on the phone if it doesnt work REALLY apple wtf

  11. razz says

    I tried several times to pair bluetooth with the Iphone 3Gs and follow the directions of the manual. It asked for the pin. I entered the pin 0000 but still no connect. Any idea or Help

  12. karen says

    i am having a problem with myhas been entered i phone 3 bluetooth activation no pin no has been entered as it has not asked for it help it is driving me mad

  13. Sam says

    I could not get my new car’s hands free to pair with the Bluetooth until I tried the “forget this device” on my iPhone. It worked!

  14. Ramesh says

    I tried several times to pair a Mantis H1000 bluetooth with the Iphone 3G and follow the directions of the manual. It asked for the pin. I entered the pin 0000 but still no connect. Any idea or Help. Thanks

  15. KSS says

    I’m trying to pair my new Stennheiser bluetooth EZX 60 to my iphone 3GS and got the phone to find it, but I don’t know how to get to the screen where I enter the keyword to finish the pairing. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  16. Louise says

    thanks for these comments – i’ve been having the same problem, i have an iphone 3gs and it doesnt want to pick up my in-car bluetooth device – i’ll try and pair with another phone to see if it ‘wakes it up’ but out of interest – does the iphone have a privacy setting you need to turn off first before your phone ‘is seen’ by others? help!

  17. Danielle wunhym says

    Hi pls I need help my iPhone 4 is on discover
    Mode but it just stays searching nothing happens
    I did everything

  18. saab says

    hi every one i have the same prob as u guys my i phon 4 bluetooth is on and it keep searching but cant find any otha device even though my nokia phon bluetooth is on so wat shoud i do

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