iOS: iMessage Messages Show as “Not Delivered” Fix

Users of the Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch are commonly experiencing “Not Delivered” messages appearing when they try to use iMessage.┬áThis problem seems to be related to the DNS configuration on certain networks. Internet providers may not have things setup correctly while others may intentionally block iMessage traffic.

To work around this issue, you may want to try changing the DNS settings on your device to utilize Google’s public DNS.

1. Open Settings.

iOS Settings icon

2. Select Wi-Fi.

iOS WiFi setting option

3. Tap arrow next to the wireless connection you are using.

iOS configure network

4. Tap the DNS field and remove any data that already exists in the field, then type,

iOS change DNS to Google public DNS

Once you are finished, press the Home button and give iMessage another try. This fix has worked for many users and I hope it works the same for you.

Note: If you have access to the wireless router you are connecting your device to, you may want to set the DNS settings there.


  1. Larry Skaggs says

    Why is there an * following two contact’s phone number in the Contact Listing? I have 37 contacts but only two have the asterisks. These appear in red in the text or email on the To: line then “Not Delivered” after sent. The asterisk’s appeared about two days before receiving OS 7.2. I have removed both contacts and re-enter them which didn’t clear out the asterisks. Only once an error message of “number not registered with iMessage” appeared but I was never able do it again and iMessage is enabled.

  2. phenixwars says

    After trying every solution on the web, this one worked like a charm. After changing dns i turned imessage off and then on and it worked. Thanks!

  3. Rosie says

    I don’t see iMessages. I have the Messages app. Is this the same or is iMessages a different app that I would need to download? I put in the suggested change of numbers but nothing has changed. I am still receiving the message, “Not Delivered” when I try to send a message.

  4. Heather says

    Thank you SO MUCH for this fix!! It worked perfectly and was super easy. This is such a weird error too because it wasn’t JUST affecting iMessage. The moment that I used the fix Not only was iMessage working finally but also several messages and notifications popped up from other apps that I wasn’t even aware I was missing! Thanks again!!

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