Internet Explorer: Disable AVG AntiVirus Safe Search

AVG Antivirus has an annoying feature called Safe Search that scans links to make sure they are safe. The feature adds a green check mark icons next to links in Internet Explorer when performing Google or Bing searches.

AVG Safe Search

This is a nice feature for some, but it hogs system resources. If you don’t need this feature, there are a couple of ways to disable Safe Search.

From IE

1. Select the gear in the upper-right corner, then choose Manage add-ons.

IE9 Manage add-ons selection

2. Select AVG Safe Search and then click Disable. Click Close when you are done.

IE disable AVG Safe Search add-on


From AVG

This method disables the Safe Search feature from all web browsers installed on the system.

1. Select the AVG icon in the taskbar.

AVG icon in taskbar

2. Select LinkScanner.

AVG linkscanner option

3. Uncheck the Enable Search-Shield box, then select Save changes.

AVG Search-Shield setting

Restart IE and the Safe Search feature won’t annoy you anymore.


  1. kim knapp says

    do i need to keep avg safe search? my computer tends to run slow and if i don’t need it i will remove it. will i get nasty stuff on my computer if i get rid of it? Thanks!

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