Increase/Decrease Time iPhone Rings Before Going to Voice Mail

Did you know that you can set how many seconds the AT&T iPhone will ring before it goes to voice mail? Sure you could call customer service and have them do it for you. If you are the techie type though, you will want to do it yourself with these steps:

Note: Be very careful when performing these steps. If you mess something up, you will need to call your wireless provider to have it corrected. These steps will only work with the AT&T version of the iPhone.

1. Call this number: *#61#

2. Write down the voice mail access number that appears on the line that says Forwards to.

3. Now call: *61*[vm access number]*11*n#

Replace [vm access number] with your voice mail access number
Replace n with the number of seconds that should elapse before the call is sent to voice mail.
To type a plus sign, hold down 0 for two seconds.

When complete, you should see the following on your iPhone:

Setting Activation Succeeded
Voice Call Forwarding
When Unanswered

You have successfully changed the amount of time the iPhone rings before going to voicemail.


  1. amy says

    Bless you! I have been struggling with setting up conditional call forwarding on my iphone for an hour. I found this site, followed your directions and within minutes, had call forwarding set up the way I wanted it! Thanks!

  2. James says

    I did it last night and have had no signal since, i’m on meteor ireland aswel and tried calling them but they said it was all fine on theire end??! What can i do really need it to work quick!! help please!! thanks

  3. Kipobe says

    If you’re wondering how to do it for Spain, I figured it out… just do this: **61*123*11*NN#

    Of course, as everyone else has said you will need to replace NN with a number divisible by 5, the max being 30.

    I played around with it for a few times this morning and it took me a while to get it working.

    Kipobe loves you all! Except you, jackcool! :mad:

  4. Joey says

    ** BE CAREFUL! **

    I had to ring my network (Meteor/Ireland) to reactivate my account because the parser got confused when I entered the wrong code and 28 as the time.

    I was informed that the above code is wrong It should be **61*[vm]**n#

    In Ireland your [vm] number is your own number with 5 put in after the prefix eg. +353 87 5 1234567 .

    n MUST be 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30.

  5. Koshington says

    This is simpler and works in the UK on O2:


    Obviously where the number’30’is can be set anything below that in deductions of 5 secs

  6. erik hoffman says

    wrong this is correct and works

    1. Dial *#61# and touch Call.

    Make iPhone Ring Longer
    2. Jot down the phone number displayed on the screen. This is where your voicemail calls are directed to (as shown in the screenshot below).

    iPhone voice call forwarding
    3. Dial **61*(THE NUMBER YOU WROTE DOWN)**30# and press Call.

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