Increase or Decrease Time iPhone Rings Before Going to Voice Mail (AT&T)

Did you know that you can set how many seconds the AT&T iPhone will ring before it goes to voice mail? Sure you could call customer service and have them do it for you. If you are the techie type though, you will want to do it yourself with these steps.

Note: Be very careful when performing these steps. If you mess something up, you will need to call your wireless provider to have it corrected. These steps will only work with the AT&T version of the iPhone.

  1. Call this number: *#61#.
  2. Write down the voice mail access number that appears on the line that says “Forwards to“.
  3.  Now call: “*61*[vm access number]*11*n#
    • Replace [vm access number] with your voice mail access number.
    • Replace n with the number of seconds that should elapse before the call is sent to voice mail.
    • To type a plus sign, hold down 0 for two seconds.
  4. When complete, you should see the following on your iPhone:a
    Setting Activation Succeeded
    Voice Call Forwarding
    When Unanswered

You have successfully changed the amount of time the iPhone rings before going to voicemail.


  1. Christine says

    Thanks a million for this tip. Love my iPhone 6, but love it more for working the way I like it. Very much appreciated! Thanks again!

  2. Gary Swallow says

    I used your instructions on my iPhone six. Although it says that the settings have changed, they actually have not on my phone. My phone default was for about 17 seconds. I was trying to get it up to 30 seconds. AT&T tech-support says it should be capable of going to 40 seconds. They tried fixing it for about 30 minutes and were never able to get my phone beyond 20 seconds with 4 rings. They finally gave up and said there was nothing else they could try. A call to Apple tech support confirmed that the only change that can be made is by or through ATT using the procedure you outlined. Oh well…….

  3. Lodge Weber says

    And.after going through everything i found out I was dyslexic and transposed a number…
    this works…Thank you!

  4. Cheryl says

    Thank you for this! We recently switched to new phone service at work and the incoming calls are forwarded to our cell phones after they make a selection of 1 or 2. The problem was that the transfer was taking too long and if we did not answer the cell phone, it would Not go to our voicemail. Changing the “n” number of seconds to 5 let the cell phone go to voicemail in about 3-4 rings. Appreciate your help.

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