IE8: Disable ‘The current web page is trying to open a site in your Trusted sites list. Do you want to allow this?’ Message

I add a few select sites to the list of Trusted Sites in Internet Explorer. By default, this causes the following message to appear every time I visit them:

The current web page is trying to open a site in your Trusted sites list. Do you want to allow this?

Since the site is trusted, why would I want to bother with having to click YES every time I visit it? I disabled this message. Here’s how I did it.

1. In Internet Explorer, click Tools > Internet Options.

2. Click the Security Tab.

3. Click Trusted Sites.

4. Click Custom Level…

IE8 Trusted Sites

5. Scroll down to where it says Websites in less privileged web content zone can navigate into this zone. Check Enable.

IE8 Trusted Sites Zone

Now the annoying message should not appear any longer. Some have suggested resetting all zones to the default level. While this will prevent this message from appearing, I consider it a bit extreme if somebody has gone through the trouble of customizing everything already. That button will only undo everything the user has setup.


  1. Nich Vit says

    I keep getting a similar issue. I have IE open but it has one page open (to any website, doesn’t matter what) and I keep getting the above error / warning.

    ‘The Current webpage is trying……” and “Trusted Site:“.

    Now, the issue is that if I’m on, it says in that warning that the current website is either:

    The current website is neither of those, yet it is still listed as trying to open Bing. I don’t want bing to be accessed and I definitely don’t want webpages I’m not on to be opening it.

    Why is IE and Facebook/MSN webpages (that aren’t even open) attempting to open Bing webpage?

  2. Grady says

    Thanks for this, very helpful! I can’t understand either why they’d prompt you every time you attempt to visit a trusted site. After all, isn’t it a “trusted” site?

  3. Mitch says

    If you do it only for Trusted Sites, you have nothing to worry about unless you list a site in your trusted list that is malicious.

  4. Richard says

    And by doing this you are allowing malicious sites to fool your browser into thinking its trusted. Depending on your trusted site settings the malicious site can now run scripts, redirect websites and use your Windows authentication details to name but a few. Be carefull!!!!

  5. Grant says

    Thanks very much for this. This is especially lame when navigating from results to to be prompted of impending trusted site! “Websites in less privileged web content zone” indeed!!

  6. Mary says

    It did not fix this annoying of “a web site wants to open web contend using this program on your computer”. Any more suggestions?

  7. Josh says

    FY: I found if you edit this key, and change the value to 0 in the registry, the prompt is disabled:

    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Zones\2]

    The default value for 2101 is dword:00000001 which enabled prompting.

  8. Joe says

    Don’t you live that tiny window in an fixed size dialog box with a billion items!!! I hate scrolling through all those options with a peep-hole view of them and trying to figure out what is set, what is not set, and what each of them mean.

    I am using IE8, and this “feature” has always sucked in IE.

  9. Brandy says

    Thanks for the fix. This is why Internet Explorer is so lame. What is the point of having trusted sites when its just going to prompt you every time you hit one from within another site? They could at least put the permission in the same place as where you set trusted sites.

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