HTC Touch Pro 2: Soft/Hard Reset

If you have problems with your HTC Touch Pro 2 smartphone, you may want to try to perform a soft or hard reset.

A soft reset will reset the device without clearing any data off of it. Simply remove the rear cover of the device, then use the tip of the stylus or a paper clip and insert it into the reset button hole on the side of the device, next to the slot for removing the battery.

If that doesn’t clear your problem or you just want to wipe all data off the device easily, you can perform a hard reset with these steps:

1. While the HTC Touch Pro 2 is off, press and hold Talk/Send, End and Power until you see a message on the screen about deleting all data.

2. Release the buttons after the message appears.

3. Press the Volume Up button.


  1. Waqas says

    My hTC Touch2 hangs out on statring message display ” the device is unable to boot because either you have turned off the device incorrectly or tried to install an application from untrusted source. Press SEND to reset your device or press any other button to canlcle. This operation will delete all your personal data and restore the device to its factory default setting” I tried everything but it doesn’t worked at all last time I was installing an app and i then reboot my device and my device hangs out plz help me.

  2. PAPAL says

    Mine didn’t work it brought up a message (Security Unlocked ) followed by some details about the phone and that was it. What do i do?

  3. khemrint says

    I went through the process it was great hope, when the message was appeared I released the Call + Send + Power and by then pressed Volume Up buttom it was still showing the message it did not work for the reset. Please help me to solve this problem in order to perform a hard reset.

  4. fred says

    the hard reset worked but after booting part of the screen is black so it’s stuck at the alignment screen and nothings happens. need help

  5. EM says

    I had forgotten my password and so I did the hard reset but is still asking for the password which I don’t know. How can I get around this?

  6. sally says

    After my phone turns on , i cannot start because as i press skip to proceed nothing works , it stays the same . Is it a problem on the screen? Somebody please help.

  7. kumar says

    hi i have promblem with my htc touch pro2 with starting up. when i put in charging it start up n jus show touch pro 2 sing n after turns off after 30 sec it turns on back n repeat the same thing when i took it out from charging it want turn on. can you plase help whats werong with it thanks.

  8. Thabo says

    I have the Touch Pro 2 and I’m totally sick and tired with it. Since I bought this fone I have taken it for repairs twice. The touch screen is frozen. However itl’s a good fone. I just hope htc sort this problem!

  9. Mitch says

    Charge it with a power cable. I would also maybe try a new battery. Have you been able to try the hard reset steps at all?

  10. wilton says

    I need help, my phone will not start, suddenly touch screen stopped working and the next day, my phone turned off, and I try to charge it, but when it have a little of power, it turned on and then turned off, what can i do?

    sorry by mi english, it’s hard to me write it.

  11. Ahkmed says

    I, too, hate this phone! I’ve had it since June and have had to do three hard resets and countless soft resets. I just did another HR and I get the joy of re entering all of my calendar appointments. This thing is pointless!

  12. ChiefRocka says

    the problem is the windows mobile OS and touchflo3d…both are pieces of crap. thats why most htc phones now run android OS instead. Android OS is by far faster and less buggy(IF ANY) on any HTC phone that crappy windows mobile OS

  13. Mick says

    Had one time memory freeze up can not power off phone. Opened back cover and remove battery then reinsert battery. Able to power off and Power on works well. Lose none of data.

  14. Ismail says

    I got Touch pro2 the problem is I’ve tried hard reset but the phone still keeps on reseting itself… when I got until the white screen to press vol up when I press the volume up as if nothing happens it just reset again… Please helpppp

  15. Brentor says

    the HTC Touch Pro 2 is the worst phone I’ve ever had. It’s a pretty good windows mobile PPC but a terrible phone… The interface is sluggish, resulting in missing 1/3 calls, and it’s also really a bad implementation of phone + contact software that makes u wonder how much testing they did on the thing.
    I can’t wait until it dies for good so I can smash it with a hammer.

  16. Frank says

    My pro 2 is malfunctioning. Here are some of things I’m experiencing.
    1.Powering off and sluggish when on.
    2.My contacts tab is now blank but can still retrieve single contacts from Phone screen.
    3.I previous sync on my computer and My Phone site but now able to resync info because phone is not recognize by Active Sync
    4.Soft reset has not worked or removing and replacing battery.
    5. What’s ‘Error 67′ that I saw time to time?

    I really like my phone and would like to know if you have any suggestions?

  17. JONNYWALKER says


  18. Nathan says

    HTC Touch Pro 2…waste of money. By far the worst phone I’ve ever owned. At least one new issue or problem for every month I’ve had it. Started out with my phone ALWAYS showing I have unread text messages, started out with just saying one, now it says I have 5. I can delete all my text messages from the inbox, outbox, sent, deleted and it still shows I have 5 unread messages. My contacts are not in alphabetical order and there is no was to put them into alphabetical order. I phone randomly mutes itself and won’t make any noise until I do a soft reset. The time on my phone randomly changes from Pacific to Mountain and back to pacific several times throughout the day. Now it won’t let me into my email account, recognizes the account and password but won’t open my email or set up the email again. And has horrible static with incoming and outgoing phone calls. Wish I would have bought a droid instead!!

  19. russ says

    Ive been using the touchpro 2 for a year now and its never given me any issues. if you have insurance, file a claim. Its probably a faulty phone and not your fault.

  20. Bernard Rubble says

    I was hoping this would solve my ongoing Error:67 problem. No such luck. Obvious;y, the iPhone is not a solution, but I am getting tired of the quirks this phone has.

  21. molly says

    im tryng to charge my phone, the charging light wont turn on and the power wont come on…what should i do?

  22. chuck says

    You must hold the down volume button while holding the other two. If you don’t, you get a normal boot.

    peice of garbage phone… got a droid x, a WHOLE lot better!!!

  23. samdroidx says

    Yo man this was a ill way to unlock the phone after I lost my phone reported it stolen and then forgot the pasword to unlock it thanks very much

  24. jimmy_boi says

    Worked like a charm, and so much easier than any other methods I have found. Thanks a lot for posting!

  25. Thabo says

    I have tried both soft and hard resetting but the device doesn’t want to respond. It freezes just before PIN entry. It really sucks!

  26. Lisa says

    The HTC Touch PRO 2 Sucks. What a waste of money for this ridiculous phone. It either freezes everyday or it goes into a forever lasting sleep mode which makes you turn off the phone for it to start again or the lock code suddenly doesnt recognize your password to unlock it even if nothing has changed and you’re using the correct code. This is so ridiculous that I have to constantly do a hard reset to this phone. What a joke.

  27. David frm Corpus Christi, Tx says

    Thanks for the hard reboot, just wish i could have saved my pictures somehow or get them back some how since i didnt have them on a sim card… My phone would not unlock with correct passcode for days so i had to hard reboot… sucks, but thank again…

  28. zachary says

    my password froze up and i cant get past it would the hard rest work to get past it and how long do i have to hold it and do i now i have to hold send but do i hold end to at the samre time

  29. Bob says

    didn’t work… found I needed to hold the vol down button before the power and end buttons.

  30. Ima Tard says

    Hi I tried Jim Dilly’s suggestion.
    After i applied the hammer now I can’t see the screen any other suggestions?
    Also i’m having difficulty sliding the keyboard out because the top cover is overlapping the sliding cover.
    Although after applying the hammer 3 times to the face of the device i did notice it comes with a stylus that slides out if you hit it hard enough to the left near the cracked rear cover.
    Thanks Jim i thought i got screwed on the phone without stylus but thanks to your suggestion i realized i did not get screwed it did come with the stylus but it was hidden.

  31. Jim Dilly says

    Solution: Place phone on hard surface — apply repeated hammer blows to the face of it.

  32. faisal says

    I have a problem with my MSN Massenger in TP2. it always do reconnect after displaying massage that the wireless network is not available and then it connects again even wireless network is available but it do it once in every 10 mins.. i dont know why this is..can anyone help me

  33. Nope... says

    Nope. Didn’t work for me. The phone barely works all of a sudden and the soft reset does not work, the texting barely works, most of the programs don’t work…the contact search does not work…dialing is then rather difficult…

    I went through three Touch Pros, so they had to give me a Touch Pro 2, and now this one is sucking, too? What is wrong with this picture…?

  34. GG says

    shame the bloody stylus does not fit!!! and you have to use a paperclip, almost as stupid as an iphone

  35. Oliver says

    Thank you, it worked perfectly.Until the hard reset the phone didn’t start but remained at the boot screen(with those red numers in the corner).On some forums it says that the phone should be returned for warranty as it’s bricked.
    Also I suggest adding another option for rom reinstalling


  36. Brian Kinsley says

    Didn’t work no matter how many times I tried it – no message ever came up about erasing data.

  37. Heavy_touchpro2 says

    It really works:)…Thanks….Only issue i faced, it did not boot after hard reset.i had to take out battery and then only i was able to start device.

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