HTC Touch Pro 2: Soft/Hard Reset

If you have problems with your HTC Touch Pro 2 smartphone, you may want to try to perform a soft or hard reset.

A soft reset will reset the device without clearing any data off of it. Simply remove the rear cover of the device, then use the tip of the stylus or a paper clip and insert it into the reset button hole on the side of the device, next to the slot for removing the battery.

If that doesn’t clear your problem or you just want to wipe all data off the device easily, you can perform a hard reset with these steps:

1. While the HTC Touch Pro 2 is off, press and hold Talk/Send, End and Power until you see a message on the screen about deleting all data.

2. Release the buttons after the message appears.

3. Press the Volume Up button.


  1. Amando Betrand says

    hi, my HTC Touch Pro2 (T7373) windows phone came with a different language(surely German) i have browsed through the settings and there is no language option, can hard reset change the language or is there any other means to change it? thanks

  2. Waqas says

    My hTC Touch2 hangs out on statring message display ” the device is unable to boot because either you have turned off the device incorrectly or tried to install an application from untrusted source. Press SEND to reset your device or press any other button to canlcle. This operation will delete all your personal data and restore the device to its factory default setting” I tried everything but it doesn’t worked at all last time I was installing an app and i then reboot my device and my device hangs out plz help me.

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