HTC Thunderbolt: Wipe All Data From Device

You may want to completely clear all data from your HTC Thunderbolt smartphone if you are returning it to the retailer or transferring ownership of the device. Here’s how to be sure none of your data goes with it.

The SD card contains much of your personal data. Photos, music and videos are stored on it. You may want to mount the phone to your computer and backup this data if you wish to keep any of it. If you’re selling the phone, you may wish to keep the existing SD card and replace it with a similar card that supports the same amount of storage.

If you wish to wipe all data off the SD card in the phone, follow these steps.

1. Open Settings.

2. Tap SD card & phone storage.

3. Tap Unmount SD card.

4. Wait for the card to be unmounted, then tap Format SD card when the option lights up.

5. Tap the Format SD card button to confirm your selection.

6. Wait while the card is formatted.

7. Now before you say goodbye to your Thunderbolt, you’ll want to clear the internal memory of the device. To do so, perform a factory hard reset on the Thunderbolt. Once a hard reset is complete, all data will be wiped and you’ll be ready to part with the device without the worry of your data going with it.

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