HTC OneX: Forgot Screen Lock Password

If you have forgotten the screen lock password or pattern to unlock the HTC OneX screen, here’s what you’ll need to do.

Screen pattern

If you set a screen pattern and forgot it, you can reset access to your device using your Google account credentials.

1. Incorrectly enter the password 5 times. You will be prompted to wait 30 seconds. Tap OK.

2. Select Forgot pattern, located at the bottom right of the screen.

3. Supply your Google account credentials.

4. You are prompted to supply a new screen lock password. If you don’t want to risk getting locked out again, simply tap Cancel and you can use the normal unlock screen.


Screen PIN

Screen PIN passwords are a little more complex to get past. If you have forgotten your PIN, you’ll unfortunately need to perform a hard reset from the start-up screen. See our post, HTC OneX: How to Hard Reset to learn how. This will also wipe data from the device. Data that syncs with Google should re-sync just fine once you have access to your device again.


  1. bhupendra says

    What if my phone does not have internet connected? My kid locked my phone but since it’s not connected, entering my gmail credentials don’t work. Any solutions other than a reset.

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