HTC Magic/MyTouch: Hard Reset

If your HTC Magic (also known as the T-Mobile MyTouch) is freezing up all the time and being uncooperative, you may want to try a hard reset. A hard reset will wipe all of the data and settings off of the device.

1. Hold the left and right soft keys while pressing the Reset button. (The reset button is located on the back of the device.)

2. Press Send.

3. Press OK.


  1. mayoo says

    umm i have a mytouch 3g &* i Forgot My Pattern Soo i Pressed “Forgot My Pattern” On The Phone Witch Just Made it Worst . -.- Soo i did a hard reset &* After i did That . i Turn it on &* When it gets To The Phase Where it Says
    “Touch The Android” To Continue it goes too the screen that it goes to if yuh press the red button (end call)
    And No Matter Waht i Press . it Does Nuthinq i Still Works &* All But Nuthinq Nuthinq at All … :'( Can Anybody Help . ?

  2. Guillermo says

    I have a t-mobile mytouch G3 phone. Today I received a message about an software update. I agree with tahat but, after updating, my cell phone only starts until the green initial mytouch screen. It remains like that…. dead.
    I tried resetting …and continues death.
    Help me


  3. TigerFade says

    correction keep holding down home and back, then hit clear storage [select button on trackball]

  4. TigerFade says

    that hole is not reset button!! hold down home and back button then press the end/power button, let go of home and power, but keep holding down to back button.

  5. Iftikhar says

    The reset button as indicated in last threat is microphone button. Pls guide if i reset my phone using this tiny hole, it will not damage my mic as it is same location

  6. M. A. Hoselton says

    Actually, on the HTC MyTouch aka Magic, the reset button is a little hole right next to the usb (charger) port. Use something blunt, like the thread/hole end of a slightly larger sewing needle. Hope this is helpful.

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