HTC Droid Incredible: Hard Reset

Hard reset the HTC Droid Incredible; Android powered smartphone. This will remove all data from the device and set it to factory defaults.

1. Turn the phone off. If it’s frozen, pull the battery from the device, then replace it.

2. Hold the Volume Down button and press release the Power button.

3. Keep holding Volume Down and wait for the screen with the 3 Android images to appear, and then release it.

4. Press Volume Down to select Clear Storage, and then press the Power button.

5. When prompted, press Volume Up to confirm your selection.

The HTC Droid Incredible will then restart and the hard reset will be complete.


  1. dwight says

    When it goes to the activation window you can press activate then end call for maybe 5 times then it skips activation

  2. dwight says

    If it goes to the activation screen you can press activate and then back for maybe ten times then it let you go on without activating

  3. Richard Osei says

    My HTC Incredible has been resetted but i am unable to go back into the phone again since i am in Ghana and unable to connect Verison. I tried so many times trying to dail a number so i can proceed to the name stage of the restart process. What do i do now?

  4. sophfi says

    Worked fine for me, everywhere else just said to hold the volume down button and hold the power button.

  5. Tamika says

    The hard reset worked, but it takes you all the way back to where you have to activate your phone with verizon again. Thanks for the info…it really works

  6. Stephanie R says

    what’s the deal with the triangle and ! inside … this didnt work for me . Any help , please !!!

  7. cherry says

    Did get to the spot where I could select the clear storage but it just keeps booting and booting. . . . I am frustrated.

  8. Erica Smith says

    The Hard reset instructions worked great and were east to follow once I began the process. Thanks for the information.

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