HTC HD7: Factory Reset

Here’s how to perform a hard/factory reset on your T-Mobile HTC HD7 smartphone. You may want to perform these steps if you’re returning the phone to the retailer or transferring ownership. In some cases it may be necessary to perform these steps to fix certain issues.

Note: All data will be erased from the phone.

Option 1Resetting from the Windows Phone 7 OS

1. From the Start screen, tapĀ Arrow icon in the upper-right corner.

2. Tap Settings.

Settings option

3. Scroll down and select About.

About option

4.Tap the Reset your phone button.

Reset your phone button

5. Confirm your selection by selecting Yes. Then tap Yes again.

Your HTC HD7 will then go through the process of resetting to factory default settings.

Option 2 – Resetting using the hardware buttons

You can also use the buttons to perform a hard reset. This comes in handy if the screen is frozen and you can’t access the phone.

1. Turn the phone off. If it’s frozen or unresponsive, pull then replace the battery.

2. Press and hold the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons and power the phone back on.

3. Continue to hold Volume Up and Volume Down until a factory reset screen appears.


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