HTC Droid Incredible: Sync Outlook Contacts and Calendar

Sync up your Outlook Contacts and Calendar data with your HTC Droid Incredible easily with these steps.

1. On the handheld, go to Home > Menu > Settings > Applications > Development and check USB debugging.

2. Download and install HTC Sync Manager. (The Droid ERIS version works fine with the Incredible)

3. Attach the Droid Incredible to the computer.

4. The Sync Manager runs in the task bar where you can click on it and click Synchronize Now whenever you want to transfer your Calendar and Contacts data.

HTC Sync

Note: This application works with Outlook Express as well.


  1. Reny says

    syncing outlook email to mobile is so easy with OUTLOOKREFLEX app. This enables all your outlook activities in smartphones.

  2. Grace says

    I’ve just bought a Incredible S recently. I’ve tried synchronizing my workplace outlook calendar to my phone but not all the calendar events are sync. Any suggestions on how I can solve this?

  3. Bill says

    I have had similar problems with my HTC Desire HD. HTC Sync gives me duplicate calendar and contact entries. It also won’t sync anything that was created in Outlook. I’ve moved over to MyPhoneExplorer from FJ Software Development. The small price is nothing compared to time wasted trying to get HTC Sync working.

  4. Kirk says

    I have been trying to use HTC Sync for some months to sync contacts and calendar with Outlook 2003 and my Incredible. Like several of those above, Sync has been duplicating calendar entries and also contacts. I’ve had to delete some calendar entries 7 times! The last time, it wiped out all my standing meetings on my Outlook calendar. Enough is enough! I am now looking for another sync program that gives you REAL control over the syncing.

  5. sccabindad says

    contacts added to my droid incredible do NOT sync with my google account so that when i log onto google via my pc, none of the contacts added to the phone show up. anyone have a fix for this?

  6. Tom says

    I found that I can sync mu HTC Incredible to my 2003 Outlook Calendar and contacts most easily by powering the phone off then turn it back on and hook to my computer via the USB cable.

    However, for some reason not only do I get some calendar entries repeating several times in Outlook but more important sometimes items that were in my Outlook calendar but not in my phone get deleted from Outlook. It happened once and I thought it was my mistake but it just happened again and I just missed an appointment.

    Does anyone have a solution?

  7. KD says

    I was also experiencing problems getting Outlook to sync with our corporate exchange server. The initial problem was with email. What I found was the the user had thousands of emails in his inbox. The Droid (or Verizon) was overwhelmed and therefore displayed nothing. After we cleaned up the users inbox the email starting coming in. We had the same problem with the Calendar. We had to turn on Autoarchive to clear out all the old calendar items. Even though we had the Droid set to only display the most current week it was trying to read through the whole file to find the ones that met that criteria. We ran autoarchive and kept the most recent 12 months and it started working. I did not have to setup a Google account or use Google Sync. Email, Calendar and Contacts are all syncing wirelessly now with my corporate Exchange server.

  8. Ed Young says

    Tried to sync calendar and contacts both ways like my blackberry. Read many of the online suggestions. Tried to toggle on and off different options several different ways. (use Google calender, don’t use Google calendar, etc., etc., etc.) Now my outlook calendar has multiple of the same contact, and I am supposed to be at the In-laws for Thanksgiving 7 times this year! once is enough !!!

    another Verizon promise they cant keep.

  9. Norm says

    U can get emails through pop3. U can sync cal.& address book with download from HTC. But not Notes or Tasks.

  10. kathy wilmot says

    I’m confused – some of the entries are saying you CAN sync the Droid Incredible to Outlook – others say you can’t? My business emails are all in Outlook – I have to keep that. Can I sync the calendar, tasks, emails and notes between a Droid Incredible or Droid X and my Outlook on the Desktop?

  11. Conor says

    Thanks. Very helpful. There was an Eris upgrade on the page for the Eris. I used that to get the htc sync that would work. I have no clue why htc wouldn’t have immediately designed an Incredible sync at the same time they released the phone.

  12. Chris says

    Is it going to be possible to have an app for Outlook… ? not only sink your contacts and calendar, but actually use outlook as your E-mail software… ? cause if not I’m not going to bother buying it :S

    I have checked it out (Droid Incredible) and I really like it, it is one of the first phones I really like… but if there is no Outlook… than it is kinda bad for me :S

    awesome job on the phone, and hope to hear from yall soon :D

  13. Michael Ray says

    It says that the Eris software will work “just fine” – but Eris is not listed in the provided link.

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