HTC Droid Incredible: Send Picture Via MMS Text Message

Send a picture via a text message from your HTC Droid Incredible.

1. Open the Photos app.

2. Navigate to the album where the picture is.

3. Tap the Share button (button with 2 arrows).

4. Choose Messages.

5. Tap the photo you wish to send.

6. The photo is added to the MMS message.

7. Type your message and then tap Send.


  1. Justin says

    Heres my situation…There are 12 friends of mine that I am always sending different types of pictures to. I am finding out that the 8 people with smartphones (blackberry and droid) receive the photos without an issue. The other 4 do not have smartphones and have not received any of the pictures since I got the Droid…Is there a solution to this? Perhaps something in a settings I have to change? You responces are welcomed!

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