HTC Droid Incredible: How to Use Speed Dial

Call your Contacts quicker on the HTC Droid with the Speed Dial feature.

1. Contacts can be added to Speed Dial by going to Phone > Menu > Speed dial > Add new.

2. Type the name of the person you wish to add. Tap them when they appear.

3. On the Speed Dial screen, choose the phone number of the contact to use, and the keypad assignment.

4. Tap Save.

Now you can use this feature by pressing and holding the assigned number for about 2 seconds, and the number will be dialed.


  1. trish says

    To delete a speed dial number
    1) touch the “phone” button at the bottom-center of screen
    2) press the menu button (three horizontal lines)
    3) touch the “speed dial” button (brings up all assigned numbers)
    4) press & hold down number you want to change until a screen pops up that gives you two option, select delete.

    The number will be removed from the list. To assign a new phone number to speed dial, touch the “add new” tab at the top of the screen, you are taken to your phone contact list, select the name you want to add, touch on the “number” spot to add in their phone number, touch on the “location” spot and pick a number that is noted as (Available), hit the save button at the bottom and your done.

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