HTC Droid Incredible: How to Delete a Contact

Having a problem trying to figure out how to delete a contact from your HTC Droid Incredible? It’s kind of difficult to find, but just follow these steps.

1. Open the People app.

2. From the All tab and hold your finger on the person you wish to delete for about 2 seconds.

3. Tap Delete contact.


  1. Amy Owings says

    I wanna know how to delete some of my facebook contacts on my phone. Just cuz they are friends on my facebook doesnt mean i want them in my phone and it wont let me delete them!!!!!

  2. terri says

    Thank you. I had double contacts of two people in my “people” list. Needed to delete one of them. So simple, yet did not have a clue! Awesome answer!

  3. janahunsaker says

    Did u ever figure out how to delete these contacts? I’m about to lose my mind trying to get rid of two contacts! Help me please!

  4. T Young says

    I have the same issue on my Droid incredible. Really aggravating to manage contacts. Not all of my contacts are in my Gmail contacts list. I have many contacts I want to delete and can’t figure out how.

  5. Emil says

    Had the same problem. Will removing the Yahoo autosync remove all the contacts, or just let me delete the contact if I wish?

  6. Christine P says

    I had this problem too. It was because I had my phone sync my contacts from my yahoo email. If you remove the automatic sync from where ever you imported them from such as an email or facebook they will go away. You can do this my going to settings and hit accounts & sync, then remove.

    Your other option is to link the two names together and they will be one person. Just go to people and hit the person you want to link in the upper right hand corner it will give you options of who to link it to.

  7. Robert H says

    I have a droid incredible Purchased in Nov 2010. Some of my contacts have two entries. In one case I want to delete the second entry. However, holding down the contact only facilitated Call Moble or Send Contact as vcard. If I hold down the first contact of the same name I get the full option menu with delete. the contacts are not linked.

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