HTC Droid Incredible: Delete Email Account

If you want to clear out an email account listed on your HTC Droid Incredible smartphones, here are the steps for deleting it.

1. Open the Email app.

2. Press Menu.

3. Select Accounts.

4. Tap and hold your finger on the account you wish to remove for about 2 seconds. A menu will appear.

5. Tap Remove account.

Remove account option


  1. PKH says

    On the email menu select “MORE”. then “SETTINGS” . There you will find an option to delete the account. It should be at the bottom of the list. I deleted one email account and (so far) it has no effect on my other accounts in the phone nor my PC.

  2. Paul says

    On my Incredible I went into menu, settings, applications, manage applications, all. Click on the mail application and cleared data. This deleted the entire email acct. Of course if you have more than one pop email acct setup be careful. I assume it would delete all of them. I use the phones Gmail app seperately so that was not affected when I did this.

  3. Ken says

    Thanks it was simple! And like mark it was driving me crazy I had the same Email account twice.

  4. DS says

    Found it…

    Open the e-mail account you want to delete
    Hit: Menu – More – Settings
    there’s an option to delete account under settings

    Hope this helps

  5. DS says

    I don’t get the menu either on HTC Incredible… Any other suggestions? Thanks.

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