HTC Dream: Perform Factory/Hard Reset

If you are experiencing problems with your HTC Dream smartphone and want to wipe the entire device clean of data, you will need to perform a hard or factory reset. Here’s how:

1. Press Home.

2. Select Menu.

3. Tap Settings.

4. Tap SD card & phone storage.

5. Under the Internal phone storage section, tap Factory data reset.

6. Tap Reset phone.

The phone will then perform the factory reset.


  1. Muhammad says

    I DO THE HARD RESET. First it was frozen when comes on. And after reset it is going little bit forward and then comes off again. now what should i do plz help me

  2. Bader says

    i have HTC Dream G1 , i was update it to CM6 but it is not working, there are just G1 in a black background , and didnt restart and i can’t access the Boot or Recovery , so what could i do ?

  3. anthony says

    hey im having the exact same problem as you, did anyone email you a solution, plz get back to me asap

  4. anthony says

    I was wondering if anyone got back to you because I’m having the same problem, please get back to me asap my nephew was messing around with my phone.

  5. GERALD says

    i used to browse on my htc dream until i did a hard reset on my phone. and now i cant even see the gprs sign on my phone. GPRS service; Disconnected. how do i resolve this issue

  6. Rishabh says

    I just unlocked my htc dream to another service provider,it was rogers earlier.Now if i factory reset my phone would it go back to rogers and lock again?Please help me.. :O

  7. omid says

    hey,i do a hard reset on my htc dream and after that it asks to create a google acoount,but i didn’t have the gprs settings on my phone and activate them.
    i have a error wich says”it cannot be connected to google services”
    what should i do?plz help,i feel so sad bkz of that!

  8. vuyo says

    Hi I have the HTC dream when I try to switch it on it only gives the htc and does not even give the innovations sound then nothing happens and can’t switch off have to take off the battery what is the problem and what can I do Please Help!

  9. Peter says

    Hi my phone does not wanna switch on, it switches on for a while vibrates and switches off. Please help me

  10. OJ says

    bought a mobile T-G1 off someone on craigs. i tried doing the hard reste via the menu and I get this message below

    “Cannot rest, System Clear Service is not available”

    How do I over come this in order to reset the phone properly?
    Please help

  11. RODNEY says

    Hi people.I put my HTC dream of and now dosnt want to swich on,only comes on wen charger is pluged on,but doesnt charge,only stays on untill battery is dead but mus be conected to charger.I tried charging battery on another phone,at full charge it still dosent come on unless charger is pluged in,but still says 0% on the chaging bar.PLEASE HELP ME!

  12. Nancy says

    I did a hard reset but forgot that I had an application called “Notepad” with a whole list of important info. I assume it is stored on my card somewhere, how do I get it back?

  13. Ariwibowo says

    To perform a hard reset
    1. Turn the G1 off. If it’s frozen on, take the battery out and put it back in the unit.
    2. Hold the Home and Power keys down at same time for about 25 seconds. You will see a yellow triangle screen with exclamation point in the middle. Now to wipe the device clean:
    3. Press Alt+L. 4. Press Alt+W for a factory reset. 5. Press the Home and Back keys again for about 25 seconds. The device should then reset again and the hard reset is complete.

  14. MO says

    same here Amanda… having the same problem as you are. If anyone can help that would be great

  15. arkin says

    if i reset it will it go back to the company i reset it to..
    like say its a rogers phone and i unlocked it to fido will it go back to rogers

  16. Amanda says

    I have too many password attempts on my HTC Dream… thanks to my three year old. I have been trying to log back in with my password and google ID which are correct and it is not letting me get back in it keeps saying invaild account or password. I’ve check the account number and the password on my gmail account several times today just incase I was being an idiot and still can get back in. I have tried to do the factory reset Home and end button and then Alt W but i think cause I am locked out of my phone. I have also taken the battery out to try to reset it but also no luck… any suggestions

  17. carl says

    same thing happend to me a pop up says google mapss blabla bla force shut down? i go ya and then my menu is all black

  18. roy says

    Justin, hold the end button + home button untill you see the triangle. Then press ALT+W

    This will do a factory reset.

  19. justin says

    i cannot get to the menu i just keep getting fresh face stopped working and asking me to force close and i try to do that but it doesnt work just keeps popping up ,,,, any suggestions

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