How to Turn Off Zune Device

Like many music players made these days, the Microsoft Zune is designed to be on at all times. If you won’t be using your Zune for a while though, you may want to turn it off. Here’s how to turn off your Zune device.

All you have to do is press and hold down the Back button and Down button. The device will then shut off.


  1. Bobby, Sr. says

    I feel like a super dummy, I nearly wore out the keys trying to off this thing.
    Large heaps of gratitude to you.

  2. Shell says

    I did the exact same thing! My brother said holding down the play button doesn’t turn it off! haha oops!

  3. Dixie says

    I’ve had my Zune for over a year now, and I didn’t even know this was possible. I thought hitting the play button was turning it off. Thanks for this! I’m sure it’ll help with my battery draining problem.

  4. michael says

    Rock-n-Roll! I’ve had this thing for 3 years and kept having the same thing happen. I thought it was turning off while holding down the play/pause button. But you bump it and the display comes back on again… I can now get on the bus, turn it on with battery left, and play some Hold ’em! Sweet.

  5. Barbara Smith says

    I cannot turn off my zune and the battery will not charge. I have tried holding down the black button at the bottom with NO success!! HELP!

  6. divinebluesky says

    @46: it isn’t exactly a down “button” – it’s the bottom of the big button in the middle. I have an 8MB Zune and this works for me. To turn it back on, I have to press the “forward button” and the top of the big button (the up “button”). For both off and on, I have to hold the two buttons down for a few seconds.

  7. nikki says

    heyy i just got a zune and have no idea how to turn it off…ive read the comments about how to turn it off but im a little confused on holding the down button..what down button?

  8. andy-f says

    i have sort of a different problem- i did the back-and-down restart, because it wouldn’t connect to the software and that’s solved it before… but now it won’t turn back on for anything i do. any advice?

  9. Jeff says

    That didn’t work for my 8GB Zune, no matter how long I held them. Holding down play/pause seems to work though; and it even restarts audio books in the same spot.

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