How to Turn Kindle Fire On or Off

The first thing you should probably learn about the Amazon Kindle Fire is how to turn it on or off. Just follow these instructions.

Locate the Power button on the bottom of the device next to the USB port and earphone jack. It’s the only button on the device. To turn the Kindle Fire on, press and hold the button for about 2 seconds and the screen should light up.

Kindle Fire Power button 2

To turn the Kindle Fire off, press and hold the Power button for about 2 seconds until a prompt appears on the screen. You can then tap Shut Down and the device will turn off.

Kindle Fire Shut Down button



  1. Fred Williams says

    How do I get the talking head turned off so I can use the Kindle Fire. I touch something and it tells me what it is but I can not use anything.

  2. Dave Stevens says

    I just got my kindle fire hd. I turned the internet on and now it will not turn off and keeps running down the battery. How can I turn it off.

  3. judith curl says

    I have a new Kindle Fire HD. I am being asked for my password to connect to my livebox. I am not aware that I have one. Can you tell me how to find out what it is?

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