How to Turn iPad On or Off

Don’t feel dumb if you can’t figure out how to turn the iPad on or off. There are many people who can’t. It doesn’t work like any other normal device with an on/off switch. In fact, you have to use the Sleep/Wake button to switch it. Here’s how.

To turn iPad on: Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button on the top of the unit for a few seconds until you see it start.

To turn iPad off: Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button on the top of the unit for a few seconds until the slider appears. You can then swipe the slider to Off.

Now it should be easy!


  1. Evalia darling says

    Question, which button is the sleep/wake? On my iPad Mimi there’s a button for volume then there’s two other on the top which is which?

  2. Davinder Ahuja says

    I switched off my ipad last night and in the morning on trying to switch on again it just wouldnt start.I have watched the videos tried to do exactly as guided but its a no go. I am really at a loss to know how to go about it and I am getting desperate. Can someone please help.

  3. Bob says

    My iPad was on last night and I have the iPad cover but this morning it wouldn’t start back up

  4. Rich says

    All of a sudden when I turn on my new (2week) ipad I have to push on the home button before I can slide the unlock slider. Sometimes it just goes to the home page after I push the buton and I don’t have to slide the unlock slider. What gives or do I have something on? Thanks, Rich

  5. dulcie reilly says

    You would think that Apple could include a large diagram of the ipad showing all necessary buttons. Any videos I have watched are useless as they go too fast and by pass the basic on off , sound contro etc.,

  6. BJ says

    where is the sleep/wake button? we received no instruction manual of any kind with our new iPad. Thanks for your help. BJ

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