How to Transfer Music From PC to Samsung Stratosphere

The Verizon Samsung Stratosphere is a great device for listening to music. Naturally, you’ll want access to your music library from the device. Here are two methods for how to transfer music from your PC to the Samsung Stratosphere.

Via USB connection

1. From the Home screen, select Applications and open the Settings app.

2. Select USB settings > USB mode and set it to Mass storage mode.

Samsung Stratosphere Mass Storage Mode setting

3. Connect the Stratosphere to your computer using a USB cable. Your computer should detect it as a removable disk. Windows users look under Computer, Mac users look on the Desktop/Finder.

Samsung Stratosphere Removable Disk

4. Open the removable disk and create a folder named Music. You don’t really have to do this step, but it’s a good idea to keep your music organized within a folder on the SDcard.

5. Drag and drop any music files you want on the device to the Music folder on the removable disk. The Stratosphere supports non-DRM MP3, WMA and AAC music files.

Moving MP3 to Stratosphere Removable Disk


If you use iTunes, you can drag and drop your music straight from the iTunes window.

Dragging music files from iTunes window to Stratosphere

Windows Media Player

WMP users can select the Sync tab and drag music over to the sync list. Selecting Start sync will automatically copy music in the list to the Stratosphere.

Syncing Windows Media Player with Stratosphere


6. When you have completed transferring files, tap Disconnect storage from PC on the Stratosphere’s screen, and your music is ready to listen to from the Music Player app.


From the cloud

A mobile solution that’s becoming popular is the “cloud” music player. This method takes your music library and uploads it to a service. You can then connect to the service over the Internet and play your music right from the cloud. The two most popular services for the Android OS right now are Amazon MP3 and Google Play. These services handle everything from uploading to playing the music and are extremely easy to setup. We suggest you have a look at one or both of them.


  1. Nicole says

    I was wondering why when I try to transfer music from my WMP it says error. It doesn’t transfer over and I followed the instructions. Is there a reason this happens? It seemed to transfer the files I bought from Amazon but won’t transfer any of the cd’s I’ve burned onto my computer! What is going on? Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Kathleen says

    I bought a tune from Amazon from my Samsung Stratosphere and want to listen to it on may phone. Where in the world does music land on my phone, I can’t find it.

  3. Hilary says

    When I try to drag files into my phone it says I have no space to do so (which is not true) and when I’m using my phone while it’s plugged in it says I don’t have an SD card. Do you know what is happening and how I can get music onto my phone?

  4. Cliff says

    If you are tapping into your PC for the 1st time let it hang on the cord a few minutes until it sees you need the device driver for Samsung. Click YES when it asks you for permission to DL the device driver and then it will take a minute or two to install the Samsung Device Driver. Then follow the steps above. W/o the device driver download completed, you won’t be able to transfer MP3 files to your mobile device,

  5. Wil says

    it wont connect to my computer i have it plugged in and i selected mass storage mode then nothing happens and my computer doesn’t detect it. if someone can help me i’d appreciate it

  6. Hiyami says

    This may be a bit too late to be useful, but that’s more or less what happened with me. I plugged it in and was confused when it didn’t connect, but when I went through the steps, I noticed that I had to tap that extra button-thing (It is impossible to sound mature when tacking ‘thing’ onto the end of a word, but I am currently too tired to care overly much!). After that, it worked pretty just fine. I am currently listening to some of my music, actually.

    I was originally hoping to find a way to maybe select one of them as a ringtone, but I suppose I’ll have to look that up later… Anyways, that aside, I know this probably isn’t all too helpful, but I just wanted to give a bit of credence to what Mitch is saying. Good luck!

  7. Mitch says

    What does it say on the Stratosphere when it’s connected? You may have to tap “Connect to storage PC”. I don’t have to, but I’ve heard other people need to.

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